Yeager Hunter Legend Exploration Guide

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Yeager Hunter Legend Exploration Guide

Exploration – In the exploration tab you’re able to explore all the maps that you have unlocked in order to complete exploration quests & miracle events. Doing this will allow you to spend more talent points into your weapons (see 1F. ) as well as unlock rewards in the ‘Album’ tab.

Exploration will also let you farm and search Ruin Crux which is used in smelting

Very important to know is that a big part of exploration is about ‘Weather’ bonus. Some events and quests and locked until the right weather conditions appear. To know what weather conditions are upcoming simply head tot he explore page and select weather.

Yeager Hunter Legend Exploration

When the weather condition is ongoing then you will see the weather symbol and rarity in front of the applicable region. You are also able to view upcoming weather conditions and rarities.

Expedition – In the expedition, you can do quick runs to obtain materials from monsters in order to forge new gear. These runs usually don’t take a lot of time and you can get some rewards as well for defeating the monsters for the first time with SSS Victory.

Yeager Hunter Legend Expedition Guide

You can also easily access the material information when going to ‘Forge Equipment and select the piece of equipment you wish to forge. You will find the missing materials which you can select directly and press on ‘Get’ to see what monsters drop these material

Beast Bounties – Bounties are a great way to obtain some Wakonium, which as we explained before is a very important material within the game (see 2B. and 2C. ). Some other rewards that can be obtained through bounties are Fang’ul and Beast Treassures which drop from higher rarity bounties (Purple and Gold).

Yeager Hunter Legend Expedition Guide (1)

These chests contain a small reward such as a few Crystals. It is also possible to use a Bounty Seal to increase the rarity & difficulty of the beast and thus get better rewards.

Bounty Seals can be obtained by ‘Active Tasks’ at your Daily Quests.

Comission – As we have mentioned before is that items such as sigilites & gems make up a big part of your ‘build’, and comissions are one way of getting those items. Within the game there are 4 type of comissions you can perform with different rewards for each of them. They are very simillar to Dispatch Retainers (see 4C. ).

4 different types of Comissions:

Guarding – Here you will have to go to a specific location and defend yourself and your team against a couple of waves of monsters. Guarding consumes 40 stamina and you will need to have a team of 2-4 players to start this comission

Collection – All you simply have to do here is to run around Vyderan base and talk to NPC’s. When you have arrived at the target you will submit the materials required and get a small reward in return. The materials are obtained through explorations & expeditions and this comission consumes 10 stamina.

Hunting – Similar to Guarding you will be having to defend yourself against waves of monsters. However this comission can be performed solo and consumes 40 stamina.

Exploration – When performing an exploration comission all you have to do is locate yourself from target to target, research the locations and finish the exploration comission. This comission consumes 40 stamina.

Every day you will get 300 stamina for free, additional stamina can be obtained by using Stamina fruits which can be bought in the Tempest Hunt Shop.

Smelting – So in 4C. we have already discussed smelting quite a bit as well as partly shown how it works so please read this incase you have any questions. To summarize it quick and easy: basically during exploration you will have the opportunity to find and collect Ruin Crux. With this ruin crux you are able to use the Smelting 30 times every week.

You will have the possibility to open crates for Memory Insignia’s / Kallar Sigils or Kallar Gems. Which of these crates you open and how many is up to you, recommended is to open all 15 crates of Kallar Sigils as they are quite hard to obtain.

Leaving you another 15 attempts to open whatever suits you. Important to know is that you may want to check the (upcoming) weather conditions of each area when you’re about to explore for ruin crux (see 5A. )

That’s it for this Yeager Hunter Legend Exploration Guide

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