Yeager Hunter Legend Wiki – Walkthrough & Beginner Guide

Welcome to our Yeager Hunter Legend Wiki, In this Yeager Hunter Legend Wiki, We will tell you everything from Weapons, Equipements, and Exploration guide.

Yeager Hunter Legend is the latest RPG game developed by IGG. This is a hunting game set in an alien world. Yeager Hunter Legend has five powerful weapon classes with unique move sets and abilities and those weapons are Hunting Sword, Force Hammer, Fury Blades, and Flux Blaster.

Yeager Hunter Legend Wiki


In the exploration tab, you’re able to explore all the maps that you have unlocked in order to complete exploration quests & miracle events.

Doing this will allow you to spend more talent points on your weapons (see 1F. ) as well as unlock rewards in the ‘Album’ tab.

Exploration will also let you farm and search Ruin Crux which is used in smelting

Very important to know is that a big part of exploration is about the ‘Weather’ bonus. Some events and quests and locked until the right weather conditions appear.

To know what weather conditions are upcoming simply head tot he explores page and selects weather.

You can refer to our Yeager Hunter Legend Exploration Guide page for detailed information.


You will have the option of using a range of weapons in Yeager: Hunter Legend. There are now 5 weapons in the game, as we mention before.

Hunting Sword: The Hunting Sword’s versatile combat style gets stronger the longer it attacks.

Force Hammer: The Force Hammer’s primary ability is the use of flint, which is a little explosive item that you may connect to the beast. When you hit this piece of flint with a charged attack, you can deliver massive damage to the beast.

Fury Blades – The main ability of the Fury Blades is to collect Fury and then unleash it in a special attack. Every time the Fury Blades slash through a beast’s body, they collect one point of anger.

Flux Blaster – The Flux Blaster may be adjusted to burst fire for greater explosive output and employs a broad range of ammo and accessories.


The primary components of your equipment are [Weapons] and [Armor]. You can use Up to two different weapons

The “Main Weapon” and the “Sub Weapon”—and five sets of armour— the “Helmet,” “Chest Armor,” “Cloak,” “Hand Armor,” and “Leg Armor”—can be worn at once.

Every item of equipment awards bonus points for a set of fundamental characteristics.

Each time you create a new piece of equipment, you will have the option of upgrading it to the next maximum level.

It goes without saying that upgrading your gear will raise this piece’s stats, raising your GS in the process. A few things are necessary in order to improve your equipment.

That’s it for this Yeager Hunter Legend Wiki – Walkthrough & Beginner Guide

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