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Welcome to Zed Zone Guide Wiki, In this Zed Zone Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Zed Zone Character Creation, how to Build a Home in Zed Zone, Map Selection, Weapons and more.

So come and take a look at this Zed Zone Guide Wiki for Beginner & Complete Walkthrough

Zed Zone Guide Wiki – Walkthrough

Character Creation

1. The weight limit is very important, so try to choose the +weight talent. As for backpackers, I only found that some weight limit has been increased. But the talent points can be selected, and it does not affect the creation of characters. This game can pack bags, so the space is not

2. Melee/firearms/bows, firearms are recommended. However, no matter what genre you play, the first choice is to add damage, because these weapons are durable (and the number of ammunition), and weapon accessories also have a limit on the number of times they can be used . So a higher attack means saving the trouble of repairing and making ammunition.

3. In terms of attribute points, spirit has not been found to be useful. Stamina is the most useful. After entering the game, you can wash points at will. (Open the map, press EQ to switch function)

4. I didn’t find any use for reading (but it should be useful in future versions).

Map Selection

1. Don’t choose the small map first, because I played a small map myself, and finally found that there are no hospitals, no gas stations, and no merchants.

2. It is recommended to select the map, with the most guns, the least vegetation, and the most towns.

3. Enter the game to take a look , to see if there are any of the above key (gas station and merchant $) facilities, if they are far away, if it is not ideal, you can rebuild the map. 4. There are
actually quite a lot of gun shops and container yards, so don’t worry about it, but it’s best to keep the parking lot far away Closer, easy to find the first car.

How to build a home

1. It is recommended to build a house at the merchant. If the merchant can survive, it should be protected by some game mechanism (such as not spawning monsters nearby, for example, the merchant will fight back)

2. There are some walls around the merchant, which seems invincible , can be used.

3. Why do you need to build a house first? I thought this game was mainly about searching and living a hard life, but it is not the case. First, after building a well, there will be no shortage of water. Second, if you click On the “delicious” negative talent, it is easy to meet bears and the like in the wild. There is no shortage of meat. Even if it is not possible, it is easy to kill deer.

4. How to mine? Sent by my brother) or crossbow (at the beginning, choose 1 of 4 weapons, but remember to add skills to recover arrows). The air gun is full of gas, one shot will drop a pile of ore, and it will drop a pile of ore.

It is much faster than using manuscripts. If you want If you want to play some old fashion, it is also recommended to move the mines together according to Q, and then use the pickaxe to AOE, which can save a lot of stamina.

5. The same is true for trees.

6. In fact, not only these, abandoned cars can also be hit Less high-level resources. Can’t get through the wall? Just smash it, or shoot it with a gun. Destroy all other things that don’t look good, and you can lose resources.

7. In fact, there are more ways, such as hitting with a car (the quality is not so good

8. What about the ammunition? You can make it yourself. But there are 2 things to pay attention to A: There must be some ammunition as a master for unlocking; B: Gunpowder is needed

9. Therefore, the only ammunition that does not need gunpowder is air gun bullets and arrows, which can be used for mining and demolishing cars and walls in the early stage Just burn the bonfire slowly.

11. Don’t throw away the glass bottles and mineral water bottles, they are materials for making chemical workbenches and glue.

Zed Zone Guide Wiki


1. You can wear up to 4 pieces of clothes, but generally 3 pieces + 1 cloak for rain protection. You can wear 4 pieces of pants.

2. The clothes and pants have pockets, and the things inside are not considered heavy (a god), and there is quite a lot of space Large (8*5 pieces). So some food and drink, and stackable materials/ammunition can be put in the clothes and pants.

3. Since you can pack bags, you can put a lot of things in the car, basically you don’t need to put them in the car Make a box at home.

4. You can also wear a bag on your body, but it doesn’t save the weight, so don’t put too many layers on it (and the bag itself has weight).

5. If you are familiar with firearms, the extra firearms can be disassembled into parts. But you can choose

6. Do not use a multi-function tool to open the lock, you can use copper wire or iron wire as a lock picker. (Also keep the screwdriver as a multi-function tool)

7. In fact, it is also possible to pry the door or container directly. The lock picker Save it to open the safe (this is not allowed to pry).

8. You can cook and eat the meat after the expiration date. If the cooked meat expires again, you can’t eat it, so there will be no shortage of meat. Get up every day and do 3-4 A piece of meat can be passed in one day. (The shelf life of cooked meat is 3 days)

9. Rubbing things with hands will consume more materials, so try to find a workbench. Crafting only needs 10+1. Hand rubbing bullets will also consume more materials.

10. After the early stage, you can be more bold and unrestrained. Increase the number of monsters, build a large number of bullets, and use can bombs and so on. It is time to brush zombies The materials used to craft skill potions.

Zed Zone Weapons Wiki

The useful weapons found so far include:

1: Samurai

Swords and Guns :
.300 Magnum Rifle
M249 Machine Gun
Gundam Taser Wrist
Destroyer (pistol shotgun, with 12-gauge buckshot)

Bow and Crossbow:

1. Tool hammers and wrenches cannot be crafted, so remember to take them when searching.
2. The plastic bucket is the largest container, remember to take it when you see it.

That’s it for this Zed Zone Guide Wiki for Beginner & Complete Walkthrough

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