Upcoming Roblox Anime Games December 2023 – Release Date

Upcoming roblox anime games coming soon

Are you Looking for a new and Upcoming Roblox Anime Games in 2023? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In this article, We’ve gathered a list of Upcoming Roblox Anime Games which will be released for iOS and Android, PC, Xbox, and Console devices.

On the internet, there are tens of thousands of Roblox Anime Games available. However, not every one of them is as exciting as some of the specific titles. Here’s a list of some of the most popular New Release and Upcoming Roblox Anime Games you should give it a try.

Upcoming Roblox Anime Games December 2023 – Release Date

Anime Showdown/Shonen Unleashed

‘Anime Showdown’ is an ABA type game being revamped for a free release. It had previously been shut down due to a lack of diverse content, resulting in repetitive gameplay. The revamped version is expected to feature more characters.

‘Shonen Unleashed’, another ABA-type game, stands out due to its attention to detail. Every move and action has a corresponding character sound effect, making for an immersive gaming experience.

Release Date: Expected this year, but no specific date provided.

Beyond Nan

A game inspired by the ‘Hunter x Hunter’ series. The game will include a range of “nen” abilities and has potential in its combat system. However, its viability is yet to be determined.

Release Date: Expected this year, but no specific date provided.

JiuJitsu Kaisen Infinite

Based on the ‘Jiu Jitsu Kaisen’ series, this will likely be the first game of its kind on the platform. The combat system looks unique, with some elements resembling a ‘Dragon Ball Z’ game.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Tales of Tenerio

Essentially a Roblox Pokemon anime game. It started as ‘Pokemon Metal Machine’ before undergoing a revamp due to copyright issues with Nintendo. The revamped version will feature new Pokemon concepts, a unique storyline, and a version of Mega Evolutions.

Release Date: Not mentioned.


Initially ranked higher, its development faced delays after the owner’s house was hit by a tornado. The game remains in development and promises quality content.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Raw Fires

A 2D fighting game that appears inspired by ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’. It will include a variety of anime and non-anime characters to choose from.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Clover RPG

An immersive game that feels inspired by ‘Black Clover’, though it could use more direct elements from the series. The hope is for a rich content rollout upon release.

Release Date: Not mentioned.


A high-quality RPG that, based on its visuals and immersion, doesn’t seem like a typical Roblox game. Recent trailers have showcased the environment, but details on combat and progression remain awaited.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Anime Legends

Teased back in 2021, this game garnered significant hype. It’s unclear whether it will live up to the expectations.

Release Date: Not mentioned.


A ‘Demon Slayer’ game on Roblox. The visuals, effects, and character designs are of high quality. The main concern is whether it will offer sufficient content upon release.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Pocket Anime

A unique Pokemon-anime game where Pokemon are replaced with anime characters. It promises a diverse gameplay experience, from battling to trading and more.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Holloway (Holy Way)

Based on the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’, this game is under active development by Alfie (Alfie X). It promises immersive gameplay, but its release date remains uncertain due to continuous additions to its content.

Release Date: Not mentioned.

Real Seas

This top-tier ‘One Piece’ inspired game promises an RPG format distinct from the typical Roblox simulator style. It’s expected to offer a rich content lineup, including a unique combat system.

Release Date: Not mentioned, but a release date apparently exists and is not yet public.

That concludes the article on the Upcoming Roblox Anime Games! Have you found what you’re looking for? Stay tuned to TheClashify.

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