Champions TD Best Traits & Evolutions Guide

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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If you just started playing Roblox Champions TD, You will realise that traits are amazing passives that can change the outcome of a fight. Not just any traits, though. Getting the best traits in Champions TD is very important.

We’ve played the game and looked at the community to create a Roblox Champions TD Best Traits & Evolutions Guide that will help you understand the best traits you want to get for your character. Here are the best traits in Roblox Champions TD.

Champions TD Best Traits & Evolutions Guide

Understanding these traits is crucial for players to strategize effectively and build powerful teams.

Chosen One


  • 7x damage boost
  • 15% shorter cooldowns
  • 10% range boost

Units with this trait are exceptionally potent, dealing significantly increased damage, enjoying shorter cooldown periods for their abilities, and extending their effective range.



  • Boosts range by 5%

Snipers excel at engaging enemies from a distance, utilizing their increased range to pick off targets before they can get too close.



  • Boosts damage by 10%
  • Reduces cooldown by 10%

Berserkers are formidable in close combat, dealing heightened damage while also having shorter cooldowns, allowing them to unleash their devastating attacks more frequently.



  • Reduces cooldown by 5%

Units with this trait are committed and focused, enabling them to recover from their actions more swiftly, thus reducing the time between ability uses.



Boosts damage by 5%

Enraged units tap into their fury, granting them increased damage output, making them more formidable adversaries on the battlefield.

Bounty Hunter


  • 1% chance of an enemy giving x2 money on kill

Bounty Hunters thrive on hunting down specific targets, gaining additional rewards for their prowess. Their chance to double earnings on enemy kills adds an element of unpredictability to their encounters.

That’s it for this Champions TD Best Traits & Evolutions Guide.

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