Top 5 Clash Quest Tips 2022 & Beginner Guide

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Hi guys, Today I will show you Clash Quest Tips & Best Clash Quest Beginner Guide, Supercell Clash Quest is now live in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland for both Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for how to download Clash Quest in any country, I will recommend you rake a look at this article: How to Download Clash Quest

so without wasting any time come and let’s take a look at this Top 5 Clash Quest Tips & Best Clash Quest Beginner Guide. Also Read here: Clash Quest Update 2021

Clash Quest Troop Items

Clash Quest Troop Items used by the best players

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Top 5 Clash Quest Tips for New Players

1.) Upgrade your troops

In Clash Quest you should upgrade your troops in order to deal more damage to defenses. most of the time we lose the battle because of under-leveled troops. More damage your troops has More game you will win in Clash Quest.

So save your coins in Clash Quest and upgrade your troops like Barb, Giant, Archer, etc.

2.) Use your Spells efficiently

Spells are very important in the Clash quest and they play a very vital role in your clash quest squad. You should use your fireball where many buildings are close to each other, A Fireball deals damage to a 3×3 area.

Always try to gain maximum value when using a fireball.

3.) Use your troops properly

You should use your troops correctly in the clash quest. You should not waste your troops,  There is a feature in the clash quest which will help you to improve your game. Every time you will tab on your troops during battles that feature will show you how much damage your troops will deal with the enemy.

Don’t use single troops, always try to use a combination of troops and you can see in the above image.

Top 5 Clash Quest Tips & Best Clash Quest Beginner Guide

Tap on your troops and you can see your damage of your troops and If the skull symbol will show next to your enemy buildings that means your troops will take out that building.

4.) Unlock Leauge Feature

You can Unlock Leauge feature after collecting 70 stars in clash quest and you will play a 7-day Battle Seasons with 29 other players. After each Season, you can move to higher or lower League Tiers based on your success during the Season.

Every day, you will battle your way through an endless Game Mode, by trying to beat multiple stages in a row! For every stage you beat, you get to choose additional units or spells added to your army in a Draft. As soon as you run out of units, your challenge will be finished.

5.) Collect Free Rewards from Shop

Top 5 Clash Quest Tips & Best Clash Quest Beginner Guide

Don’t forget to collect free rewards from the shop, You can get free gold and quest tokens,

You can get Free Quest Tokens from the shop, and Quest Tokens can be used to play battles when you are out of energy in a clash quest.

so guys that’s it for now we will update this page with more information and Clash Quest Best Tips & Tricks.

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Thanks for reading this Top 5 Clash Quest Tips & Best Clash Quest Beginner Guide All comments, questions, and criticism is welcome in the comments section.

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