Eatventure Pets Guide – Pet Merging/Leveling & Tier List

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Welcome to our Eatventure Pets Guide – Pet Merging/Leveling & Tier List, In this article we will talk about Eatventure Pet Guide, Eatventure is a captivating restaurant-building game for mobile devices where you develop stations, upgrade them, and expand your restaurant in various cities.

In Eatventure, Developers recently introduced pets in-game and in this article we will show you Eatventure Pet Tier List and Eatventure Pets Guide.

All About Eatventure Pets 2024

Pets can be obtained through boxes, which also provide pet food, necessary for hatching and levelling up your pets.

There are different rarity levels for pets – common, rare, and epic, each obtained from specific types of boxes. Pets come in the form of chickens, dogs, cats, ponies, turtles, or penguins, each serving a different purpose.

Chickens are mostly decorative, while dogs and cats collect tips and ponies, turtles, and penguins deliver food to customers, adding a profit bonus.

To upgrade your pet, you feed it bones, which increases its ‘all profit’ level. Pets of the same rank can be merged to increase their rank, making them more effective.

One strategic element to consider is whether your pet should gather tips or deliver food. While both are beneficial, delivering food is more advantageous as the player can manually collect tips.

These adventure pets add an exciting twist to the Eatventure gameplay, making the game more engaging and fun.

Eatventure Pets Guide 2024 & Tips Wiki

1. Pet Food:

Pet food is primarily used for hatching eggs and leveling up pets. It’s best to save as much pet food as possible. Here’s how you can calculate the number of cities you need to clear to collect enough pet food for hatching a legendary egg:

  • Desired pet food number / 4.8 = Number of boxes needed
  • Number of boxes needed / 17.8 = Number of cities

For instance, to collect 2700 pet food to hatch a legendary egg, you need to clear approximately 31.6 cities.

2. Pet Merging/Leveling:

It is more efficient to merge and then level up pets. For efficiency, upgrade your epic pet to legendary as soon as possible. You can level a legendary pet to 12-17 and save pet food for merging. If you’re not saving, or if the legendary pet is leveled past 30, level it to 50 and then merge it to ultimate.

3. Best Pets:

For a single pet slot, starting off with a rare pet like a cat or dog is fine. These pets collect tips every 20 seconds. However, epic pets provide more utility and help clear cities faster. The best pets for two pet slots are Panda, Dark Horse, and Tortoise. Combining a delivery pet with a perfect pet yields the best results.

Pet Tiers:

  • S Tier: Panda, Dark Horse, Tortoise
  • A Tier: Pony, Penguin, Turtle
  • B Tier: Dog, Cat
  • C Tier: Chicken
  • D Tier: Egg

Pets differ from other equipment in the game, they can be earned, upgraded, and more pets can be unlocked as you progress.

Pets in Eatventure can be obtained similarly to other equipment, through pet eggs found in reward boxes from the store or levels completed. However, pets only become beneficial after they’ve been fed enough pet food.

Both pet eggs and pet food can be found in different types of boxes, including small, big, and event boxes. Big and event boxes often contain eggs, while small boxes typically carry pet food.

A pet egg, once acquired, can be equipped but needs to be hatched by feeding it enough times with pet food.

After hatching, the pet provides an income boost and can be levelled up using a small amount of pet food, unlike other equipment that require escalating costs to level up.

To discover pets of higher rarity, you need to merge your pet with two identical pets, which must be of the same rarity and animal type. This increases the pet’s base statistics and the multiplier effect when leveling it up.

The game currently offers common, rare, and epic pets. The game developers might add legendary or mythic pets in the future as they continually update the game.

At the start, you can equip only one pet, but after reaching city number 120, a second pet slot is unlocked. Hence, it’s wise to retain a strong second pet for when this slot is unlocked.

Eatventure Pet Upgrade Guide

Common Pets: Common pets, like Chicken, only serve to increase AP%. They have a single ability and require 100 Pet food to hatch.

You have a 1% chance to obtain a common pet from a small box. Although they don’t have a practical utility beyond merging to acquire higher rarity pets.

Rare Pets: Rare pets such as Cat and Dog have a single ability. They collect existing tips on the floor every 20 seconds.

If a new tip appears while they’re collecting, it will be collected in the next rotation. Rare pets require 300 Pet food to hatch and have a 0.25% chance to be obtained in a small box.

Epic Pets: Epic pets like Penguin, Pony, and Turtle have a single ability but are more versatile. They collect food and deliver it to customers for an additional 900% profit, without any cooldown.

Other Epic pets like Dark Horse and Tortoise give 2x profit on perfect food. These pets require 900 Pet food to hatch and have a 2% chance to be obtained in a big box.

Legendary Pets: Legendary pets, like Panda and Vroomba, are the most valuable as they come with two abilities.

The Panda makes customers order instantly and delivers food to customers for 900% profit. Vroomba provides an extra +100% profit for each worker hired and collects tips every 20 seconds. They require 2700 Pet food to hatch and have a 0.25% chance to obtain in a big box.

Upgrading Pets: You can upgrade your pets to a higher rarity by merging them. The good news is that you won’t suffer any XP loss when merging your pets. Here’s how it works:

  • Merge 3 common pets to get 1 rare pet.
  • Merge 3 rare pets to get 1 epic pet (or 9 common pets).
  • Merge 3 epic pets to get 1 legendary pet (or 27 common pets).
  • Merge 3 legendary pets to get 1 ultimate pet (or 81 common pets).

That’s it for this Eatventure Pets Guide & Eatventure Pets Tier List

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