Family Island Pink Bag Location – how to find them

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Aaqib Javed
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Looking for a Family Island Pink Bag Location? In this article, we will tell you about all the locations of Family Island Pink Bag. Pink Bag is a famous resource on Family Island. Pink Bag will provide you with numerous game tools.

This pink bag is hidden all over the island. You have to find it to receive free gems, energy, golden tools, and other prizes. if you do not have any idea about Where to find Pink Bag then you can check the below images to dins all the hidden locations of Pink Bag

Family Island Pink Bag Location May 2024 – how to find them

Pink Bag in Family Island is a resource that will help you to get many items in-game and you can find all the Family Island Pink Bag Locations below:

Pink Bag Guiding Island Location in Family Island

Family Island Pink bag wonder island under 54 rock

Pink bag wonder island under 54 rock

Pink Bag on Farmhouse Island

Pink bags on the first two islands

300 energy & 15 rubies each


Shared by Longjumping-Top6046

First one is under some rocks •Second one is under a bundle of logs (the screen might look a little different because of how many logs I went through looking for it lol)

Windy Island – Pink Bag Location

Shared by Sunn00

Under the stone rock. I believe it was a 24-energy one.

Dolphin Island pink bag
Shared by xoVenusFlyTrapxo

Hidden beneath 25 energy tree

Family Island Pink Bag FAQ

What is Family Island Pink Bag?

Pink Bag is a special item or gift box that is hidden in different locations on the island and Pink Bag simply helps you to collect many resources in the Family island like wood, stone, food gems, energy, and golden tools

How to Find Family Island Pink Bag

You can find Family Island Pink Bag in Different Locations Like

Honey Island

Lucky Island

Windy Island

Farmhouse Island

Guiding Island

That’s it for this Family Island Pink Bag Location Guide, Soon we will update this page with more Pink Bag. Locations.

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