Guide to Dumb Ways to Die 4: A Detailed Walkthrough for Beginners

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to the world of Dumb Ways to Die 4! In this casual and relaxing game developed by PlaySide Studios Ltd, you’ll embark on a journey through various areas, build objects to progress, play exciting mini-games, collect beans with unique abilities, and complete daily quests for rewards.

Let’s get started with our beginner’s guide to help you kickstart your adventure!

Guide to Dumb Ways to Die 4: A Detailed Walkthrough for Beginners

1. Building in Different Areas:

In Dumb Ways to Die 4, you’ll explore different areas like Grassy Forest, Icecap Mountain, Sandy Dunes, and more. To progress through these areas, you need to build various objects such as logs, trees, tree houses, and fences.

Each build requires coins, which you can obtain by playing mini-games. Aim to complete the progress percentage to move to the next area.

2. Mastering Mini-Games:

The heart of Dumb Ways to Die 4 lies in its exciting mini-games. Completing these mini-games successfully earns you scores that can be converted into coins for building in each area. There are several types of mini-games with different mechanics:

Tilt: Balance your device to avoid obstacles or perform specific actions.

  • Faster: React quickly to the commands given by the game.
  • Smack: Tap or hit certain targets to finish the game.
  • Connect: Swiftly connect objects to prevent timing out.
  • Hold: Hold your screen to perform reactions, such as avoiding sea mines or holding screws.
  • Drag: Move an object by dragging it across the screen based on the game’s directions.

Each mini-game type presents unique challenges, so pay attention to the explanations and tips provided to perform well.

3. Unlocking and Utilizing Beans:


Beans are the adorable characters in Dumb Ways to Die 4, and you can unlock them by completing specific stages in various areas or by purchasing them with gems.

Some beans can be obtained by watching ads as well. Each bean possesses special abilities that can aid you during mini-games, such as increasing your starting score or providing extra time. Experiment with different beans and utilize their abilities to improve your gameplay.

4. Completing Daily Quests:

Dumb Ways to Die 4 features daily quests that offer valuable rewards. These quests are balanced with the area you are currently exploring and may involve placing items in the area, going on adventures with your beans, and more. Make sure to complete these quests regularly to boost your resources and progress in the game.

5. Gathering Resources:

Resources are essential for building quickly. Collect coins by playing mini-games and achieving high scores. Additionally, you can complete the Daily Quests to earn coins and gems.

Watching ads is another way to get 100 coins. Maximize your resource gathering to unlock new areas and progress faster.

6. Exploring New Areas:

To experience different mini-games and avoid getting bored, move from one area to another. Build the requested objects in each area using the coins you’ve collected. New areas offer fresh challenges and opportunities to gather more resources.

7. Paying Attention to Clues:

During mini-games, always pay close attention to the clues given by the game. Understanding the mechanics and objectives of each mini-game is crucial for achieving high scores and progressing efficiently.

Now that you have the basics and tips in your arsenal, venture forth into the world of Dumb Ways to Die 4 and enjoy the fun and exciting challenges that await you.

Collect coins, unlock new areas, rescue the beans, and show off your skills in various mini-games. Happy gaming!

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