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Hi guys, welcome to our IDLE Archer Tower Defense Guide Wiki, In this guide, you will find information about some basics of the game and other useful information. This is merely a general guide based on the experience of senior players and is not meant to be a step-by-step playbook.

So come and take a look at this IDLE Archer Tower Defense Guide Wiki – Beginner Strategy

IDLE Archer Tower Defense Guide Wiki


Both blessings, Ancestral Ale 1.2x damage, and Veles’ Gift 1.5x experience are worth it.

But if you intend on getting them, prioritise 5x speed. It is much worth it as time is your greatest asset.

Passive and Active Runs

Active means at least one of your equipped spells requires an action from you to trigger its effect.

Passive means all of your equipped spells provide a permanent effect, without requiring action from you.

Meta Spell Set-up for Passive Runs

Early game: {Frozen Arrows OR Demonic Touch}, Explosive Shot, Multi-Shot, Improved Arrows, Elvish Eyes, Dead Eyes.

Late game: {Harmony OR Demonic Touch}, Frozen Arrows, Explosive Shot, Multi-Shot, Improved Arrows, Dead Eyes.

Meta Spell Set-up for Active Runs

Early game: Frozen Arrows, Explosive Shot, Multi-Shot, Rapid Fire, Elvish Eyes, {Piercing Arrows OR Dead Eyes}

Late game: Heroic Scream, {Frozen Arrows OR Demonic Touch OR Harmony}, Explosive Shot, Multi-Shot, Improved Arrows, Dead eyes

How do I break through a bottleneck in my run?

Level your equipped spells to go further in your runs.
• If your spells are maxed, focus on upgrading base stats, and/or rethink your in-run stat upgrades.
• There is a guide below to help you understand how to optimise your approach and maximise gains.

IDLE Archer Tower Defense Guide

IDLE Archer Tower Defense Tree Guide

Red Tree(Damage-Related)

Focus on upgrading by efficiency. If a high-priority stat costs 5k and a lower-priority stat cost 40, upgrading the lower-priority stat is more efficient.

Order of priority – Refer to the FAQ for max values

1. Critical Chance
2. Critical Multiplier
3. Attack Speed
4. Range
5. Damage/Meters – Ignore until the range is maxed
6. Damage

Blue Tree(Health & Mana)

HP & HP Regen are imperative to tank some hits while your archer kills mobs, but do not expect your HP to tank entire stages. Good spell combinations can help reduce the need to upgrade these stats.

HP has priority over HP Regen. If you are going to equip Demonic Touch, focus on HP even more.

Mana & Mana Regen is not imperative. You only need enough to use any active spells you equip.

Yellow Tree(EXP & Gold)

Per Level” Stats(EPL/GPL)

Higher efficiency in early-game, due to low gold/EXP rewards from mobs; however, these stats are useless in the long run.

Upgrade efficiency can be approximated with the following formula:

  • upgradeCost < (remainingStages * 4)
  • So if EPL costs 1.4k, it is only worth it to upgrade if you have 350+ stages remaining in your run.
  • remainingStages > upgradeCost /4
  • remainingStages > 1400/4
  • remainingStages > 350

Per Enemy” Stats(EPK/GPK)

Have higher efficiency in late-game, due to high gold/EXP rewards from mobs.

For stage 1000+, a good method is to level EPK/GPK until about half your max stage. Then start leveling the red and blue trees.

In-run stage/stat breakdown

  • Stage 0-200: EPL & GPL
  • Stage 200+: EPK & GPK

Spells Guide

Spell slots cost (in Gems)

  • 1st: Free
  • 2nd: 50
  • 3rd: 120
  • 4th: 190
  • 5th: 260
  • 6th: 350

What do Damage/Meters do?

It increases your damage per meter the projectile travels (currently bugged, dmg is lower than intended).

Which stats can be maxed? (These are only base upgrades, equipping spells can increase them still)

  • Attack Speed: 14.01
  • Range: 14m
  • Damage/Meters: 25%/m
  • Critical Chance: 80%
  • Critical Multiplier: 10x

Seven is the max spell level

Max Spell: It means the chest gave you the last card(s) you need to max that spell. So if you needed three more cards to max it, you just got those three cards.

Demonic Touch’s regen is 3% of the max HP

That’s it for this IDLE Archer Tower Defense Guide Wiki

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