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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Idle Fortress Tower Defense Guide Wiki, In this Idle Fortress Tower Defense Guide, we will tell you about Early strategy, Cards, and Labs.

Idle Fortress Tower Defense is a strategy game where you play as a lieutenant and upgrade your fortress to fend off waves of monsters attacking in a rush.

The game offers many maps and monsters with special skills, as well as cards that add features to the fortress. You can also access a laboratory with strong research works, a rich upgrade system, and many useful support packages.

Additionally, the game offers idle gifts that help you earn more resources without doing anything. You can simulate the battle between the fortress and the alien monster and unlock more new features as you reach higher levels.

Idle Fortress Tower Defense Guide Wiki & Codes

I have played 15 days only and have done all worlds and I farm on world 1 until wave 99 or 109

Let’s share tips, don’t hesitate to post yours!

My personal recommendations are (prone to change as I am not perfect:) :

Early strategy:

Freeze, Lifesteal and HP are necessary at the beginning to pass the bosses

Focus on resources gaining


Switch between Gold/Coin and attack upgrades

Regen, Shields, Satellites & Bombs are useless

Range, Critical, Multishot, knock back are the best upgrades concerning the attack

Cards :

Unlock all cards ASAP

If you play actively no need to spend too much money on gem capacity im at 17 approx. Don’t waste money on shortening digging time too much

Late game my setup is : Stack damage, Increase dmg, Spawn faster, Gold per Wave, Atk speed


Don’t buy the extra slot

Unlock gold researches ASAP

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That’s it for this Idle Fortress Tower Defense Guide Wiki & Codes

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