Last War Survival Building Guide 2024April

Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to the Last War Survival Building Guide, where we’ll look at the basic buildings that will set up your castle and pave the way for domination. In this dynamic world of strategy and battle, the infrastructure of your base is important for your success.

Let’s go into each important Last War Survival building and learn their roles:

Last War Survival Building Guide

Last War Survival Building Guide 2024

Headquarters: Your headquarters serves as the epicenter of your operations. It’s akin to the Town Halls you may be familiar with in other games. As you level it up, you unlock new buildings and upgrades, expanding your capabilities. While there are premium skins available, they come at a hefty price.

Barracks: Here’s where your troops are trained and promoted. Focus on upgrading one barracks at a time to optimize your resource usage. Promoting your troops early on is crucial, allowing you to elevate lower-level troops efficiently, saving both time and resources.


After battles, the hospital becomes a vital hub for healing your troops. Upgrade the initial hospital wisely, as over-investing in multiple hospitals can drain your resources. Optimize healing time by staggering troop selection, leveraging alliance assistance for swift recovery.

Drill Ground:

Your troops’ home base, the drill ground, determines a significant portion of your power. Maximize its potential by constantly upgrading and expanding it as you progress through the game.


Heroes find their haven in the garages, enhancing their power and capabilities. While you start with one garage, unlock more gradually, focusing primarily on upgrading Garage 1 for optimal efficiency.

Tech Center:

Competing with other players requires technological advancement. The Tech Center allows you to upgrade various aspects of your base, from heroes to troops, translating resources into power and stats. Consider investing in a second Tech Center for enhanced progress.

Gear Factory:

Craft and dismantle gear for your heroes in the Gear Factory. Aim for legendary gear and avoid over-investing in lower-tier gear. Be cautious with upgrades beyond level 10, as they may not yield significant benefits initially.

Component Factory:

Produce drone components in the Component Factory to fuel upgrades in the Drone Center. Remember, this building cannot be upgraded further once built.

Tank Center, Aircraft Center, Missile Center:

These centers bolster the statistics of respective hero types. Prioritize maxing out the Tank Center, while considering upgrades for Aircraft and Missile Centers as new hero types emerge.

Resource Centers

Food, iron, smelter centers, and the training base generate essential resources for your base’s growth. Balance upgrading them with your overall resource management strategy to maintain efficiency.

Doomsday Domination

The Doomsday Domination building may seem mysterious, but its purpose is straightforward. It acts as a harbinger of future server events, offering a glimpse into what’s to come. While it doesn’t offer any upgrades or enhancements, its insight into upcoming events is invaluable for strategic planning.

Upon clicking on the Doomsday Domination building, a screen will reveal a day number on the left and an upcoming event on the right. For example, if you see “City Clash I” listed, and the corresponding day number is 5, you can anticipate that the City Clash event will occur on Day 5.

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