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Hi guys, Welcome to our Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Team Guide, In this Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Team Wiki we will tell you about some teams that you can use in battles. you can find below Healer Team, Human comp, Elf team and much more.

So come and take a look at this Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Team Wiki.

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Team Wiki

Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Basic Team

  • Ashkern: Main DPS source
  • Magnus: Main Tank
  • Drakus: ult spam/dunker
  • Khaladria: DPS
  • Agni: off Tank/DPS tank

This Loop Dungeon Idle RPG team will get you through all modes.

Healer team

  • Ashkern: Main DPS source
  • Magnus: Main Tank
  • Florence: Off Tank/Mag Support
  • Shine: off tank#2/support
  • Groll(or sub-Groll for Agni): Main off the tank

With this Loop Dungeon Idle RPG team, Ashkern and Magnus will be doing their normal jobs. Ash supplies damage from far and Magnus takes the main source of damage.

Florence is there to supply damage reduction buff to all in her radius which should be shine, Magnus, and groll or agni if decided to drop groll.

With Shine supplying heals between herself and the rest of the team minimum damage should occur throughout the team or at least should be strong enough to pass through each act with little to no problem.

Dwarf Beast Combo

  • Iris: DPS
  • Ashkern: DPS
  • Mag: Main tank
  • Scar: Off Tank/Meat sponge
  • Tanya: Backline tank

Ash is going to be your aoe DPS while iris is going to be targeting one target but because of pierce, She will attack multiple mobs if they are aligned properly.

If the battle goes on long enough for her to ult the mobs will be stunned giving you time to do more damage while taking a break from enemy attacks(only until the mobs are hit again.

The stun may be brief but every second counts. Make sure when using iris(heal on hit or HOH) is equipped to her. Without it, she is atrocious and can be annoying to use because she will die fast without it. The scar will be your off-tank.

He will basically be your front-line meat sponge taking and dealing damage to mobs. Same with scars as with iris, HOH is needed for them to be useful to their full potential

Tanya will be in the background protecting Ashkern. This is known as a block. She can be built to be a DPS but for noob-friendly purposes do not worry that she is not making everyone melt. Her main job is to be a buff to mag while blocking backline dps units from getting squished.

Human comp

  • Ashkern: Dps
  • Shine: Healer
  • Rin: Dps/Human nuke
  • Estelle: Main tank/ Healer
  • Hanna: Support/DPS

Human comp is very very noob friendly. All humans will receive less damage, However, the damage received by humans increases each time one dies.

The buff (which can be found in the game for more details) will basically allow anyone who struggles to live to stay alive longer.

Each unit will essentially be able to do more damage and take less damage AS LONG AS THEY STAY ALIVE LONG ENOUGH.

Hanna will supply frost damage and splash damage which does a massive amount of damage. Rin will be another dps and will attack different units throughout the map.

When Rin ults she will wipe the map with a nuke as long as she doesn’t miss. To avoid missed ults make sure that you have a decent amount of hit chance.

Shine will supply heals throughout the team and paired with Estelle life recovery between them is increased by 30% helping them stay alive to help the team.

Estelle can assume the role of mag being the main tank of the human comp team. Ash will be your consistent aoe dps.

Elf/Magnus Comp

  • Magnus: Main tank
  • Lunella: DPS/Tank
  • Vanessa: DPS
  • Olivia(or Ashkern or Florence): Support/DPS
  • Zephyr: DPS

Magnus will be the main tank in this comp taking the heat of the battle. Lunella can go two ways,dps(uzi Louie) or tank lune which is the most common and optimal for newer players.

Since she spread shots place her in the middle but the tanking comes in with her wolf Bianca.

Bianca scales to lune not taking on her traits but won’t be affected by elements of the mobs(fire, holy, dark, melee and etc) making her a good tank, especially alongside Magnus allowing them to work together to smite down mobs. Olivia, she is a catch-22.

You can build tank Olivia so she can take on hits allowing her to stay alive to boost the other elves. Although Olivia NEEDS gear to be good you can replace her with Ashkern or Florence.

If you use Florence due to lack of gear for Olivia Florence and her ult will essentially keep mag and Bianca alive longer than they already actually need to be.

With Florence ult, it will make mag and Bianca tanker helping them wipe the map. Vanessa will be in the back and should be your dps unit in this comp. With her and her attack speed, she can chip mobs’ health down making it less work for other units to worry about the mob’s health.

DO NOT DO ULT RECHARGE VANESSA IT IS ABSOLUTELY BONGWATER MCPOOPIE BUTT!!! Zephyr will be your other dps unit. He will vanish to the mob’s backline shredding them and making it easier for the other units to work together to wipe the wave asap.

That’s it for Loop Dungeon Idle RPG Best Team and Beginner Gudie.

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