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Welcome to our Merge Arena Beginner Guide Wiki. Well, Merge Arena is a strategy game like Clash Royale and Rush Royale developed by Mergegames LTD. In this game, you can build your deck of heroes, level them up, and unleash their unique abilities to dominate the battlefield.

You can unlock advanced heroes with powerful skills, gather a formidable squad, and engage in thrilling battles against players from around the world. To help you start the game like a pro, we have prepared this beginner’s guide to Merge Arena, with all the strategies, tips, and tricks you need to succeed and advance faster.

When we were going through the Merge Arena discord, We found some useful information you read them below. So come and take a look at this Best Merge Arena tips & tricks guide.

Merge Arena Beginner Guide Wiki

Super Merge

On the battlefield, merge your heroes and try to get as many Battle Prowess points as you can for each of them! When a hero reaches twenty Battle Prowess points, they can access the Super Merge Level.


While it is cool to have a deckful of Legendary and Epic heroes, it’s also important to mind their boost patterns. Pick heroes that would break rocks and boost other heroes on all sides of the board upon merging. Balance is key!

Choose your boosts!

While a boost’s rarity is a measure of its awesomeness, consider its other aspects, too. Combat boosts that give you extra Coins for victory or defeat will not be of much use in the last round when you only have one Heart left. But boosts that affect all heroes are universally useful.

Improve your cards!

As you level up your account, you receive a bonus to health and damage for ALL of your heroes, and to level up your account, you need experience, which you get by improving your cards.

Upgrade your deck and tactics!

A strong deck is not the most important factor in winning. Find the right approach to merging heroes, improve your skills, and make sure that the bonus when merging heroes always hits stones or other heroes. Don’t rush to merge two level 3 heroes if their combined combat bonus is less than 20. You have a much better chance of improving them while they are separate.

Merge Arena Beginner Guide


What is Might?

Now, leveling up heroes directly affects the overall bonus to damage, health, and skill power for all heroes. We call this bonus Might.

If your Might is at 40%, it means that all your heroes currently have 40% more health, attack damage, and skill power. If your Might is at 100%, it means that all your heroes have become twice as strong!

How to increase Might?

Might increases automatically, you just need to improve the level of any of your cards.

For example, if you upgrade an Uncommon card from level 3 to level 4, your Might will increase by 2%. If you upgrade a Rare card from level 3 to level 4, your Might will increase by 3%.

How much Might will I gain by upgrading a card to level 15?

  • For Uncommon rarity cards, upgrading a card from level 1 to level 15 will add 40% to your Might.
  • For Rare rarity cards, upgrading a card from level 3 to level 15 will add 60% to your Might.
  • For Epic rarity cards, upgrading a card from level 5 to level 15 will add 80% to your Might.
  • For Legendary rarity cards, upgrading a card from level 7 to level 15 will add up to 102% to your Might.

So, by upgrading all 5 Uncommon cards to level 15, your Might becomes 200%, which means that all cards have become three times stronger!

Which cards should I prioritize upgrading?

You should prioritize upgrading the cards you play with, as their base stats also increase along with Might. To choose which cards from your collection to upgrade, pay attention to the cost of upgrading them in gold.

In the early stages, when cards are below level 10, it is more efficient to upgrade cards from Uncommon to Legendary, as you can maximize Might with less gold.

When your cards reach level 10, it will be more efficient to upgrade cards from Legendary to Uncommon.

How does Might affect matchmaking?

The matchmaking algorithm takes into account various parameters: player ratings, the strength of their deck, and other factors. We consider Might during matchmaking, but it is not the main parameter.

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