Mini Survival Recipes List – Food & Cooking Tips

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Hi guys, today I am going to show you the Mini Survival Recipes, Food is very important in Mini Survival because it gives you temporary buff and stats for the duration. By cooking and consuming certain foods or drinks, you’ll obtain a particular buff, and so as to cook the foods or drink you would like to understand the Mini Survival Food Recipes Wiki.

There are so many types of food in Mini Survival and In this article, we will explain to you all Mini Survival Cooking Recipes. so without further ado let’s get started with this Mini Survival recipe book. If you want to know about more tips and tricks make sure to visit our Mini Survival Wiki

How to unlock Dishes and Recipe in Mini Survival: Zombie Fight

Make Room in Your Inventory:

  • Create space in your inventory.

Pick an Easy Area:

  • Choose a simple, lower-level area on the map and Go for Exploration.

Collect Food Resources:

  1. Collect a bunch of food items in that area. Don’t grab too much other stuff because your bag might fill up.

Come back Back and Explore More:

  • Go back to your starting point. Then, go to another area to get more food resources.

Get Enough Resources:

  • Collect a good amount of different food resources.

Return to Your Shelter:

  • Go back to your shelter or base.

Go to Food Research:

  1. Go to the food research area.

Start Cooking:

  • Put all your food resources there and start cooking, Do this step until you use your all resources

Watch the Bulbs:

  • Keep an eye on the bulbs increasing on the left side of your screen.

Unlock Dishes:

  • As the bulbs go up, you’ll unlock new dishes.

Mini Survival Recipes List – Food & Cooking Tips

Mini Survival Recipes List
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Mini Survival Recipes List


Mini Survival Recipes List

Mini Survival Recipes List

Mini Survival Recipes List

That’s the end of our Mini Survival Recipes List, You can use all above recipes

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