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Welcome to the Pixel Hunter Idle Beginner Guide Wiki. Pixel Hunter Idle, developed by ZillionGames, is an idle RPG game in which you can upgrade your hunter and engage in epic encounters with hundreds of monsters while you are away for 24 hours. You can fight monsters and bosses to obtain loot and improve your hero’s armour and talents.

To help you in complete your goal, you’ll find how to find SSS equipment, and acquire new characteristics. While Pixel Hunter Idle is quite basic and intuitive, beginners to the genre could benefit from a brief tutorial on how to get stronger. If this is the beginning of your journey into idle RPGs, go on and check out our Pixel Hunter Idle beginner’s guide.

Use your Diamonds carefully

Do not spend all of your diamonds at once, as they are required for several in-game activities. Save some diamonds for important tasks and progression, as overspending will delay your progress in the game.

Optimize Your Skills

Battle Stance

Focus on collecting and improving powerful active skills that match your playstyle. Also, use the skill options to roll for additional effects, which will increase your fighting effectiveness. Keep Battle Stance activated to gain continuous attack power.

Complete Missions for Rewards

Always prioritise finishing tasks to unlock new game modes and rewards. Take advantage of stage choices to increase your monster-killing effectiveness and rewards each hour.

Awaken and Customize Your Character:

To improve your fighting proficiency, focus on offensive traits like damage and critical damage during waking. Customise your character’s attributes to fit your playstyle and increase your damage output.

Use the Relic Traits

Relics provide unique bonuses to your character. Combine relics strategically to unlock higher-tier bonuses and enhance your combat capabilities. Experiment with different relic combinations to find the most effective setup for your gameplay.

Master Dungeon

Tailor your skills and equipment loadout for different game modes like dungeons and towers. Adjust your strategy based on whether you’re facing normal enemies or challenging bosses to optimize your performance.

Always use Gift Codes in-game

Keep an eye out for bonus codes available online to claim extra rewards and resources. These codes can provide free rewards that will help you to boost your gameplay. For codes, we have created a Pixel Hunter Idle Codes page where you find all working codes.

Pixel Hunter Idle Equipments Guide

The in-game equipment consists of four main types: swords or bows, armour, and shoes. In terms of swords and bows, they contribute to attack stats, while armour and shoes contribute to HP. There are no defence stats in this game.

At the beginning of the game, equipment is usually of grade 1 star. To improve the grade, you need to combine four pieces of the same grade and type of equipment. Once you combine four pieces of 4-star equipment, their grade will increase. The grades in this game follow a scale up to 3S.

When it comes to swords, they have enhancements for attack, special effects, and equipment options. These options are similar to those of bows. However, armour and shoes do not have enhancements for the attack.


To unlock enhancements beyond what you have, you’ll need to spend 50,000 gems. Each piece of equipment has special effects, with three slots available: left, middle, and right. The left slot usually relates to enhancing attack skills, the middle slot to active skills, and the right slot to normal attack and buff skills.

Next are the options, which initially only have one slot but can expand to five slots at the highest level. The options include damage increase, skill critical damage, attack skill damage, and damage per monster (both normal and boss).

In the early stages, you’ll mainly farm dungeon equipment, which starts at grade S1. You can farm them until you collect enough to combine them into a double S4. After that, you can progress to 3S.

You’ll receive five tickets per day from the game, which can be obtained by watching ads. These tickets can be used to purchase items from the event shop. Additionally, you can farm equipment from the dungeon.

Stone, which is the Genesis Stone, can be obtained from various sources. Typically, you can find them in dungeons where they drop as loot. Each piece of equipment in the game requires a certain type of stone for upgrades. For example, bows use one type, while armor sets use another.

Equipement Guide

As you progress through stages, you can choose what to farm. For instance, the first stage might focus on farming daggers, the next on bows, and so on until you reach boots.

In my experience, farming for stones can yield significant results. For example, after farming for about an hour, I managed to acquire around 7,000 to 8,000 grade S stones. Synthesizing equipment using double S stones can be more reliable than random equipment drops. Double S grade equipment has a low drop rate, approximately 0.25%, and obtaining 4-star equipment involves a 10% chance.

Once you’ve unlocked all 4-star equipment, you gain access to the Altar, where you can use stones for upgrades. These stones can also be obtained through daily logins or purchased from the Event Shop, though I recommend against spending too many gems on them. Instead, focus on farming stones efficiently to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

When using the Altar, you can trade excess equipment for stones. Additionally, you can level up equipment using stones obtained from summoning or trading. Levelling up equipment increases its stats, providing a significant advantage in battles.

And this wraps up this beginner’s guide to Pixel Hunter Idle, and I hope you were able to pick something up to help you in your quest. If I missed anything, or if you have anything else to share, let me know in the comment section below!

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