ROM Remember Of Majesty Beginner Guide & Tips, Tricks

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Aaqib Javed
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Remember Of Majesty (ROM) is a typical hardcore MMORPG set in the huge saga of Calderas. Today we will show you the ROM Remember Of Majesty Beginner Guide. Our guides will explain you about shortcuts, search and select targets, quests, power saving mode, karma, and item collection.

ROM Remember Of Majesty Beginner Guide

ROM Remember Of Majesty Beginner Guide

Shortcut Feature

In Remember Of Majesty (ROM), players can optimize their gaming experience through a convenient shortcut feature tailored for the PC version. This functionality streamlines access to critical information and bolsters efficiency across various in-game features, accommodating diverse playstyles.

Location of Shortcut UI:

  • To access the shortcut UI, players can simply tap the keyboard icon positioned on the left-hand side of the main screen.

Setting Up Shortcuts:

Within the Shortcut UI, players can select the desired shortcut they wish to configure or modify.

By tapping on the preferred key on the keyboard, players can assign it to the chosen shortcut.

Unused keys are promptly applied upon selection.

In instances where a key is already assigned, players are prompted for confirmation, potentially overwriting existing shortcuts.

Resetting Shortcuts:

  1. To reset shortcuts, players can tap the Shortcut Settings window to access relevant options.
  2. Confirming the reset settings will revert all shortcuts to their default configurations.

Search & Select Target

You can easily check the creatures or characters around you using the Search Target tool. When combined with the Select Target feature, it allows you to correctly target any enemy.

You can fully utilise this functionality, particularly in large-scale PVP battlefields, and promptly address any circumstance.


There are primary quests that allow you to enjoy the overall tale, guide quests that gradually introduce you to the game system, requests that provide daily benefits, and accomplishments and guild quests.

The in-game quest interface offers four sorts of primary quests: [Main], [Guide], [Requests], and [Achievements].

You can also participate in guild quests with other guild members using the [Guild] option.

This article will cover the four categories of quests that may be progressed using the quest menu. Guild quests are available only after joining a guild.


Each game character has their own Karma stat, which reflects the Adventurer’s playing style. The Karma Stats determine your character’s Karma Tier: hunting monsters boosts Karma Stat, while PK reduces it. The Karma Stat determines whether you receive a bonus effect or punishment.

Karma Stat Increase and Decrease

  • – When you create a character, the default Karma Stats are 2,000.
  • – Hunting creatures boosts Karma stats.
  • – When you defeat other players in fight, your Karma Stats may fall in accordance with the character’s Karma Stats.

Item Collection

Item Collection is a mechanism for gaining more Stats by utilising the loaded Items you obtained.

Each time you complete a Collection, you will gain one additional Stat, which is extremely useful for monster hunting, PvP, and character growth.

As we wrap up this ROM Remember Of Majesty Beginner Guide, Please comment down your tips & trucks for ROM Remember Of Majesty. You can read our Primon Legion Best Team Line Up guide


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