Rush Royale Decks Arena 8 (March 2024) – Best Decks

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Rush Royale Decks Arena 8, Once you come to Arena 8 in Rush Royale then there are so many decks that can be used and here we have made some best Rush Royale Decks Arena 8

In Arena 8 new great cards get to unlock, so you have more options to battle with This Rush Royal Arena 8 Decks guide will cover 10 different decks specifically made for Arena 8, each deck is for trophy-pushing and winning battles.

So come and take a look at this Rush Royale Decks Arena 8 Guide

1. Rush Royale Decks Arena 8:

Harlequin, Boreas, Inquisitor, Ice Mage, Bombardier

This deck leverages the Harlequin’s ability to duplicate higher-tier units. It’s a strong high-risk/high-reward deck. Use Inquisitor for heavy damage and Boreas to clear out mobs. Ice Mage is used for slowing down enemies, while Bombardier offers a nice AoE damage.

2. Rush Royale Decks Arena 8:

Cards: Harlequin, Dryad, Thunderer, Boreas, Frost

Harlequin and Dryad work well together to level up your cards, while Thunderer and Boreas are your main damage dealers. Frost is great for crowd control and slowing down enemies.

3. Rush Royale Decks Arena 8:

Vampire, Boreas, Inquisitor, Bombardier, Mime

This Arena 8 deck focuses on the energy gained from the Vampire. It offers a lot of flexibility with the Mime card and has a good balance of AoE and single-target damage with Boreas, Inquisitor and Bombardier.

4. Deck: Mime, Boreas, Vampire, Stasis, Frost

With this Rush Royale Arena 8 deck, you’ll have lots of options to control the flow of the game. Mime and Vampire will help with card duplication and energy production, while Boreas deals damage. Stasis and Frost offer great control options to slow down the enemy troops.

5. Deck: Summoner, Plague Doctor, Boreas, Ice Mage, Bombardier

This deck focuses on utilizing the Summoner’s ability to create new units, while Plague Doctor can exploit damage over time effects. Boreas, Ice Mage and Bombardier provide a nice balance of damage and crowd control.

6. Deck: Engineer, Dryad, Boreas, Stasis, Vampire

Engineer’s passive synergy will be your main damage source here, and Dryad is there to upgrade it. Boreas adds some AoE damage, while Stasis slows enemies down. Vampire is for energy gain.

7. Deck: Inquisitor, Vampire, Grindstone, Bombardier, Stasis

The Inquisitor provides heavy damage, while the Vampire is there for energy gain. Grindstone boosts damage and Bombardier provides AoE coverage. Stasis is great for slowing down opponents.

8. Deck: Zealot, Boreas, Thunderer, Dryad, Bombardier

In this Rush Royale Arena 8 deck, Zealot’s high DPS combined with Boreas and Thunderer’s powers forms a high damage output team. Dryad can upgrade your units and Bombardier can help with AoE damage.

9. Deck: Mime, Harlequin, Thunderer, Frost, Bombardier

This Arena 8 deck uses Mime and Harlequin for card duplication, while Thunderer is the main damage dealer. Frost and Bombardier provide crowd control and AoE damage.

10. Deck: Vampire, Engineer, Ice Mage, Frost, Grindstone

Engineer’s synergy is used as the main source of damage. Vampire provides energy gain, Ice Mage and Frost can control the crowd, while Grindstone can boost your damage.

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