Skull and Bones Best Ship Build for Endgame

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Skull and Bones Best Ship Build for Endgame If you are ready to dominate the high seas in Skull and Bones? Look no further! Here’s a comprehensive Skull and Bones Best Ship Build guide to the best solo endgame ship build that will excel in both PvE and PvP encounters.

So come and take a look a at this Skull and Bones Best Ship Build guide.

Skull and Bones Best Ship Build for Endgame

Ship Choice: Brigantine In the limited selection of endgame ships, the Brigantine stands out as the top choice. With its unmatched speed and versatile armament, it’s the perfect vessel for maneuvering in any situation.

Weapons Loadout:

Weapon Skill & Bones

  • Fire Bombard 3s: Equip these in all four directions for devastating DPS, AoE damage, and the ability to set enemy ships ablaze.
  • Leopold 3 Mortar: Utilize its range and burst damage to target enemies from afar, inflicting flooding damage for additional pressure.

Armor Choice:

  • Black Prints: Prioritize armor with the highest rating and decent mitigation against common damage types. Black Prints, obtainable from the black market, provide solid protection for your ship.

Furniture Buffs:

  1. Megaphone: Enhances reload speed, ensuring continuous pressure on targets.
  2. Starboard Powder Kegs: Boosts damage by 10% for right side cannons.
  3. Port Powder Kegs: Increases damage by 10% for left side cannons.
  4. Front Powder Kegs: Amplifies damage by 10% for front weapons.
  5. Gunpowder Bench: Provides a 10% damage boost against enemy ships that are on fire, synergizing with Fire Bombards.


  • Sate Camb Bing: Reduces stamina consumption and enhances stamina regen, ideal for general sailing.
  • Goo Goo: Offers stamina regen and a 10% repair kit perk, valuable for sustaining during PvP encounters.
  • Grilled Food: Use for stamina replenishment during prolonged engagements.
  • Water Barrels: Boost top speed by 15% for 20 seconds, useful for strategic maneuvers in PvP.

Repair Kits:

  • Regular Repair Kit 2os: Convenient cooldown and sufficient healing for PvE encounters.
  • Enhanced Repair Kit 1: Best overall healing kit for PvP activities or challenging endgame PvE content.

Gameplay Strategy:

  • Master the art of kiting to maximize DPS while minimizing damage taken.
  • Utilize broadside DPS effectively by swinging your ship from side to side during engagements.
  • Prioritize strategic positioning and maneuverability to outmaneuver opponents and capitalize on their weaknesses.

With this Skull and Bones Best Ship Build, you’ll dominate the Skull & Bones endgame content with ease. Stay vigilant, adapt to the evolving meta, and continue your journey as the most feared captain on the high seas!

Note: Keep an eye out for future updates and seasonal content that may introduce new items and activities, potentially reshaping the endgame meta. Like and subscribe for more invaluable tips and strategies from Solid FPS!

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