Soul Knight Prequel Build Guide – Best Build for All Classes

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Looking for Soul Knight Prequel Build Guide 2024? If yes you are at the right place, Today we will show you the Best for all classes in Soul Knight Prequel.

Below you will find Images for the best build created by

Soul Knight Prequel StormBlade Build 2024

StormBlade Build

Boost your StormBlade’s power by putting all points into Intelligence. You’ll deal massive damage, but watch out for low survivability.

Soul Knight Prequel Ranger Build

For a speedy Ranger, put all your points into Dexterity. It boosts your agility, makes you move faster, and deals more damage with projectiles.

Soul Knight Prequel Elementalist Build

Elementalist Build

Max out Intelligence for your Elementalist to unleash massive damage, but be ready for low survivability—this glass cannon packs a punch but can be fragile.

Soul Knight Prequel Artillerist Build

Artillerist Build

In the Artillerist build, focus on maxing Dexterity for insane DPS by consistently shooting powerful fire arrows.

Soul Knight Prequel Storm Warden Build

Storm Warden Build

In the Storm Warden Build, fortify your tank capabilities and electrify foes with widespread lightning attacks by channelling all stat points into Intelligence.

Soul Knight Prequel Soul Keeper Build

More of less a sit back and summon and watch them take everything down build, it’s a full summoner build All stat points into strength

Soul Knight Prequel Pyro-Knight Build

Pyro-Knight Build

Soul Knight Prequel Heretic Guide

Soul Knight Prequel Shinobi Guide

Shinobi Guide

Summoner: Main purpose summons clones that has your exact weapon, with fatebounds allowing them to
copy your weapons fate bound. Can use bows,swords,guns, etc

All stat into strength

Soul Knight Prequel Bastion Build

Bastion Build

High defense, slow mobility. good Ranged Attacks, the build shown above is a agility build Traditionally stat into dexterity

Soul Knight Prequel Assassin Build

Quick Boss Farmer, Can Buff One Single attack, Traditionally stat points all into dexterity

Soul Knight Prequel Warliege – Shield Throw Build

Warliege - Shield Throw Build

This build has insane AOE dps and fast clear content. The focus here is obtaining a shield/lance weapon,

All stat points into Strength

That’s it for this Soul Knight Prequel Build Guide – Best Build for All Classes

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