Clan Guide 2024 – Clan Gift, Clan Points Earning Tips

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to our Clan Guide 2024, The Clans feature was added in the version 2.0.1 update in the mobile game. In this article, we will tell you how to gift clan gems, how to earn clan points, how to leave clans and How to get trophies for the clan.

So let’s check it out! Clan Guide 2024 – Clan Gift, Clan Points & How to Earn

Clan System:

You can access the Clan system in the game by tapping on the clan icon located on the side of your screen.

How to Join or Create a Clan in

  • Tap on the “Clan” button and select “Join Clan”.
  • You’ll see a list of available clans. Refresh the list by tapping “Show More”.
  • If you want to join a friend’s clan, use the search function to find it by name.
  • The “Auto Join” button will put you in a random open clan, though it’s advisable to pick manually.

Before joining:

  • Check the preferred language, level requirements, member count, and any additional requirements.
  • Clans can either have a “Send Request” or “Join Clan” option. If approval is needed, the clan leader or Vice Leader will review your request.

Clan Area:

The Clan area has three primary sections:

Main Clan Building: Here, you can:

    • View clan members.
    • Manage the clan.
    • Appoint a vice-leader.
    • Change leadership roles.

Access Clan settings where you can:

  • Switch the clan accessibility between ‘Free to Join’ and ‘Request to Join’.
  • Modify level requirements for joining.
  • Update the clan notice.

Shop and Assembly Area: As of now, these are marked as ‘coming soon’, so we’ll have to wait for future updates to explore them.

Clan Features & Limitations:

  • Clan Capacity: Clans can currently hold up to 20 members.
  • Icon & Shield Customization: When you make a clan, you can customize the icon and shield. However, do note that leaving a clan to showcase this might lead to a cooldown.
  • Leaving a Clan: If you decide to leave a clan, there’s a 12-hour cooldown before you can join another one.

Clan Experience & Points:

  • A trophy icon is present, possibly related to Clan experience level.
  • Clans start at level 1. As you raise your experience level, more features might unlock, similar to other games where increasing levels allow for more members, leaders, and other bonuses.

Clan Chat & Sharing System:

  • Chatting: There’s an integrated clan chat system. Use this to communicate with clan members.
  • Sharing: Members can share items with each other, like the “epic kunai”. However, sharing only displays the items, and others can’t use them. How to Gift Clan Gems

Go to Clans and then click the Chat icon. When you open your chests, a gift is automatically sent to clan chat.

How to Earn Clan Points in Clans

You can earn clan points by completing daily quests. Completing these quests rewards you with points that contribute to the clan.

How to Earn Clan Points in Clans

Completing weekly quests doesn’t give you any clan points.

Managing Clan Members and Settings

Ensure that you invite active players. Activity is essential for a thriving clan. If members aren’t active, it’s advisable to remove them.

The “request type” should ideally be set to “request to join” to filter potential members.

While levels can be a criterion, they aren’t paramount. A level around 90, for instance, can be set as a benchmark.

Once inside the clan dashboard, you can view clan info, members, and manage various settings.

Request type, level, and clan notice are adjustable.

Clan name and clan emblem remain fixed.

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