The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide 2024 for New Players

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Welcome to our The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide 2024. This is a basic The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide for new players, and if you follow all of The Tower Idle Tower Defense tips below, you will improve your game.

You can also find out The Tower Idle Tower Defense Weapons Guide at the end of this post, So come and take a look at this The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide and The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tips & Tricks. Also, read here: The Office Somehow We Manage Guide for New Players

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide 2024

In this The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide 2024, We will explain, Home Screen, Workshop, Lab Screen, Card Screen, The Tower Idle Tower Defense Weapons Guide. Also read here: The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tier List 2024

The Battle Screen

You will be given information about your current effort on the battle screen. Your in-game currency is displayed on the upper left: cash (temporary), coins (prestige), and jewels (premium). Your menus are located in the upper right corner.

Some of these will be locked at first, but you’ll soon get them all. The current game stats and your upgrading window are located at the bottom. It is here that you can compare the enemy’s stats to your own and utilize the cash to acquire items in the various tabs. Let’s check out next The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide

The Home Screen

When you’re not in the middle of combat, this is where you go. You can track your progress and modify the difficulty level of your battles from here.

You can unlock the next tier once you reach wave 101 in your top tier. However, keep in mind that the difficulty only changes on the home screen. There is no “connection” between the layers.

  • Home – Selecting and starting your battles on various difficulty tiers
  • Workshop – Make permanent upgrades to your tower and unlock new skills
  • Cards – Unlock and select specific boosts to your tower
  • Lab – Research permanent boosts to your tower’s stats and gameplay
  • IAP – Claim your daily gems and spend real money on Coin Bonuses and disable ads

 The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide for New Players

Sound and music options, your total account data, and an encyclopedia that delivers basic information on the improvements you’ve acquired as well as the numerous types of adversaries you’ll face are all hidden in the settings gear. Your player ID is also mentioned at the bottom of the settings.

Take a picture of your player ID and save it somewhere online. This is the important piece of information that you must submit to TechTree support ([email protected]) to restore your account if you have any issues with your account or lose progress/purchases due to a device issue. Let’s check out next The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide

The Workshop Screen

The workshop is where you spend the coins you acquire during a fight to upgrade your tower permanently and unlock additional stats that you can then upgrade.

 The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide for New Players

The workshop increases the minimum value of your tower’s stats while keeping its cash cost the same. This means that each upgrade you make in the workshop increases the value of that stat by one level during a battle without requiring you to pay money to achieve the same value.

The Damage stat has a value of 896, as you can see. Returning to the Battle Screen description, you’ll notice that the tower’s damage starts at 896, yet upgrading to the next level only costs $10.

It’s worth noting that most upgrades in the workshop and in battle have a maximum basic value. In the workshop, upgrading a stat makes it simpler to attain that stat’s maximum base value during combat.

\However, after you’ve reached that state’s maximum base value in the workshop, you won’t be able to increase it during a battle using cash. This is a positive development. Upgrades to Ultimate Weapons, on the other hand, are discussed in their own section. Let’s check out next The Tower Idle Tower Defense Guide

The Card Screen

Top Half

  • Buy New Cards
  • Unlock More Slots
  • Deselect Cards (by tapping/clicking)

Bottom Half

  • View Owned Cards
  • See Card’s Bonuses (by holding) and progress toward next upgrade
  • Select Cards (by tapping/clicking)

Note you can only have as many active cards as you have available card slots

Cards are an important aspect of the game as they provide powerful bonuses to certain stats as well as provide your tower with new unique abilities that cannot be unlocked or upgraded in the Workshop. You can set or switch (most of) these cards any time before or during a battle.

Cards are leveled up by randomly obtaining duplicates when you purchase new cards. You need to obtain a single card 48 times in order to get it to its max level.

There are currently four cards that have specific interactions with bosses. As such, these four cards cannot be changed in the middle of a battle and must be selected/deselected before you start a battle. You can recognize this limitation during a round by the lock symbol on the card

  • Enemy Balance – increase enemy spawn rate for more cash
  • Plasma Cannon – fire a shot that greatly reduces boss health
  • Energy Net – temporarily holds bosses in place
  • Second Wind – gives you an extra life once per game

Lab Screen

The Lab Screen The lab is unlocked when you first reach wave 30. In the lab, you spend coins to perform research that, when completed, awards your tower with a permanent bonus to the researched stat.

By selecting an open lab slot, you are brought to the research menu where you can see the current and next value of each research item. If you have enough coins to begin the research, you can select it and it will begin researching. You can only cancel ongoing research by selecting that occupied lab slot and selecting a new item to research. You will be refunded the coins you spend on the original research but will have to pay the cost of the new one. The original research keeps its progress when swapped out, so those hours or days of waiting will not go to waste.

Lab research that affects stats acts as a multiplier to that stat at all levels, regardless of whether it is upgraded in the Workshop or during a battle. A x1.02 bonus to damage means that at all levels, your damage value is increased by 2%.

  • Most available lab research items go up to level 100 with the exceptions being
  • Game speed – increases the speed of all actions and timers during a battle
  • Buy multiplier – allows you to purchase multiple levels of a stat with one tap
  • Max interest – raises the maximum interest you can receive at the end of a wave

Since lab research completion is based on time, it is highly recommended that you unlock as many lab slots as you can and have them running 24/7.

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Weapons

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Ultimate weapons are the fourth tab in the workshop. These are unique abilities that need a currency called Power Stones, which can only be gained by competing in tournaments. Power Stones can be used to unlock new The Tower Idle Tower Defense ultimate weapons and improve any of the weapon’s three stats.

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tips & Tricks

Firstly, let’s get a basic The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tips & Tricks and understanding of how the game works.

When you start a battle, your tower starts with all of its base upgrades (which start at the level you have increased them to in your workshop) on wave 1. Each wave lasts 40 seconds at game speed x1.0 and has two phases:

  • An enemy spawning phase which lasts 30 seconds (blue progress bar)
  • A no-spawn phase which lasts 10 seconds (green progress bar)

Enemies will continuously enter your screen and move straight toward your tower. Once an enemy enters the circle that represents your tower’s range, your tower will begin to fire shots at it.

The Tower Idle Tower Defense Enemy base stats

The Tower Idle Tower Defense v0.8.0 Wave 100 Enemy base stats for all tiers. Done By Sunshine

here’s a fun little graphic, shows what wave you need to farm on the next tier(s) to make it worthwhile if you can hit 800 in the Current tier

That’s it for this The Tower Idle Tower Defense guide and The Tower Idle Tower Defense Tips & Tricks.

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