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Are you struggling to find the best Tanker or Attacker in the War Spell Team Tactics RPG? Collect more details from our War Spell Team Tactics RPG Tier List 2024 about which characters are best and worst.

“War Spell” is a free epic fantasy RPG mobile game developed by WESTLAKE TECHNOLOGIES CO., PTE. LTD. In this game, You can recruit legendary heroes, develop the strongest team, experience a superb storyline, participate in thrilling 3D battles, and engage in PvP battles with players worldwide. To get the best characters, read the War Spell Team Tactics RPG Tier List till the end.

War Spell Team Tactics RPG Tier List 2024: All Tiers Explained

We have categorized all the characters into five tiers with this War Spell Team Tactics RPG characters Tier List, to help you pick the best in the game. These tiers include:

  • SS-Tier: The characters in this tier are the most powerful and very good for PvP mode
  • S-Tier: These units are also very good in terms of their strength and abilities, but they are slightly less powerful compared to the SS-Tier characters.
  • A-Tier: The characters present in this tier are the average performers. But they work well in certain circumstances.
  • B-Tier: The characters in this tier are the worst and the weakest ones in the game. It is recommended to avoid using them.

Tanker Tier List

War Spell Team Tactics RPG Tanker Tier List

Attacker Tier List

Healer / Support Tier List

Healer / Support Tier List

War Spell Team Tactics RPG Team Composition Guide

Early Game Champions


  • Strengths: Versatile in both PvP and PvE at purple rank.
  • Investment Recommendation: Continuously invest in Roruk for long-term benefits.


  • Strengths: Good intermediary choice for early game DPS, useful in Voyage boss battles.
  • Investment Recommendation: Consider Arthur for early game DPS needs.

Aumy and Raphael

  • Recommendation: Not top priorities; Lorella and Aevra are better control and healer champions.


  • Strengths: Highly adaptable with evasion and counterattack abilities.
  • Investment Recommendation: Requires significant resource investment for later-stage effectiveness.


  • Strengths: Paired with Omamol, can deal repeated damage with stunning performance.
  • Investment Recommendation: Consider Quip for synergy with Omamol.

Team Compositions

Mage Sisters Team

  • Core Champions: Lena, Annika
  • Potential Teammates: Vincent, Maroflee, Nadia, Thaddeus, Roruk, Igos, Omamol
  • Upkeep Difficulty: 5/5 (Resource and equipment intensive)
  • Strengths: 5/5 PvP, 3/5 Campaign PvE

Commoner Mage Team

  • Core Champions: Gnard, Sol, Thaddeus
  • Potential Teammates: Roruk, Igos, Omamol, Nadia, Maroflee
  • Upkeep Difficulty: 3/5 (Mainly focus on raising Gnard’s level)
  • Strengths: 4/5 PvP, 5/5 Campaign PvE

Physical Critical Hit Team

  • Core Champions: Nikita, Narin
  • Potential Teammates: Dao Mei, Skova, Roruk, Omamol, Maroflee
  • Upkeep Difficulty: 4/5
  • Strengths: 4/5 PvP, 5/5 Campaign PvE

Mage Slayer Team

  • Core Champions: Omamol, Quip, Alenfier
  • Potential Teammates: Aevra, Vincent, Maroflee, Igos, Gulper, Lyra
  • Upkeep Difficulty: 5/5 (Omamol is hard to get)
  • Strengths: 4/5 PvP, 3/5 Campaign PvE

Key Champion for Beginners: Lorella

  • Recommendation: Obtain Lorella through the limited-time event in Chapter 1-10.
  • Strengths: Powerful abilities, super durable; useful in campaign boss battles.
  • Exchange: Exchange extra Lorella Soul Stones for Narin’s Soul Stones in the Soul Shop.

War Spell Team Tactics RPG Tier List Wiki & Team Comp Guide

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