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Aaqib Javed
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Zombie Waves is a trendy mobile game developed by Fun Formula. Its controls are good and it has the feel of reverse bullet-hell-type games. If you have played Survivor.io then you might like this game as well. Our Zombie Waves Guide will help you become master of this game

In Zombie Waves you have to move your joystick to control your characters and your character will kill all enemies coming towards your player. When enemies die they drop experience and you can pick up these XP by approaching them.

Zombie Waves has many weapons and characters that can be unlocked at a particular stage, You can use Zombie Waves codes to earn free rewards. with that said Let’s take a look at this complete Zombie Waves Guide Wiki,

Zombie Waves Guide Wiki

Understand the Basics:

Character Selection: You play as a character, potentially with a gun. The identity of the character (like whether it’s a robot) might be ambiguous.

Skill Selection: You’ll have opportunities to choose between various skills. Watch out for dots or other symbols indicating their importance or functionality.

Key Features:

Evo Skills: These are evolutionary skills that can change gameplay dynamics. Some might even require watching an advertisement.

Game Symbols: You’ll encounter multiple symbols and icons. While some might be clear, others might be vague. However, don’t fret – Facecast selected skills based on the number of dots they had.


Use the Environment: Certain objects like fences can be beneficial. Zombies can get stuck behind them, giving you a strategic advantage.

Adapting to Enemies: Not all zombies are created equal! Watch out for bosses and elites. Some, for instance, might carry and throw coffins.

Skill Selection Strategy: Even if you don’t understand every skill’s specific function, you can make selections based on their icons or the number of dots.

 Understanding In-Game Mechanics:

Power-ups & Boosts: Throughout the game, you’ll encounter various power-ups and boosts. For instance, a drone might help collect loot faster.

Zombie Types: From regular zombies to mini-bosses and bosses – understanding each type can help in strategizing your gameplay.

Health & Damage: Monitor your health, especially when facing high HP zombies. There might be opportunities to heal or power up.

The Hunt for ‘S’ Items:

Resource Management: It’s crucial to hoard all crystals and chests for the Pull equipment event. It’s the most efficient method to obtain ‘S’ items without additional spending.

Patience is Key: Reaching the desired ‘S’ items, especially the purple and orange boots, takes time and careful planning.

Levels and ATK:

  • Current Status: Being at level 48 with 680k ATK is commendable. However, focusing on orange items and bypassing the extra S purple boot (if you already have the S orange boot) can be more efficient.
  • Investment: While investing real money can accelerate progress, be judicious. The user spent 105 CAD over 1.5 months, which might not be sustainable for all players.

Overcoming Challenges:

Stuck Points: Certain levels, like Boreas 4x, can be roadblocks. If upgrades seem distant, consider switching guns. Some, like those achievable with 10x tesseract, might offer faster progression.

Ammo Strategy: Combining “energize” with “entrenched position” provides an almost endless ammo supply, eliminating the need for frequent reloads.

Choosing Tools: While Cychrome may appear valuable, its long cooldown and inaccuracy can be counterproductive. Opt for tools that offer immediate benefits and suit your gameplay style.

Leveling and Strategy:

Robot Leveling: Instead of maximizing one robot first, level up your robots equally. This strategy enhances your overall ATK more efficiently.

Skill Selection: Prioritize the 8-1 camp skill over the subsequent two. This can offer a strategic advantage in gameplay.

That’s it for this Zombie Waves Guide Wiki.

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