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Hello, are you new to Archer Forest Idle Defence and just getting started? To help you speed up that process, we’ve put together this Archer Forest guide for new players to go through and learn some new tips.

Archer Forest Idle Defence is a casual single-player game in which you can simply tap the screen to combine two arrows in this game, and you can advance through many levels to explore new continents.

The game features many different Archers, Pet, Bow, and items that players have to understand before fully enjoying the game.

So if you’re looking for a Archer Forest guide with great tips on how to maximize your playtime, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started:

Archer Forest Guide Wiki


Tokens have a chance to drop from ALL wave mobs.


Farm an island you can clear 70+ consistently. Preferably your most recent island, if not the one before will be fine till you max rewards. You can rebirth at 70 if you want to but its best to let the game run until you see a slow down or you die naturally. This will take 2-3 runs of you looking at the game to see your results.

Caveat to this, you can turn stage skip off and farm easily 35+ levels and max out as well but you give up on getting the extra rebirth hearts. Up to you to decided what you want.


Set your auto rebirth farm to +3 of whatever wave hermes gives. So lvl 1 hermes is 20 waves, set rebirth to 23, this is if you choose to keep STAGE SKIP ON.

If you choose to turn stage skip off then +1 to your hermes max wave will give you the most benefit!

Skill Upgrade

Hero skill upgrade multiplies the effect of the first colored number in the ACTIVE skill, and only that (does not affect PASSIVE). The number displayed will not change, you will have to do the math if you want to know net effect.

Skill upgrade for K’awiil active is the 2nd highlighted number, everyone else is the first.

Archer Forest Guide (1)

Game Reset Time


Daily resets are always at 5:30 AM
Guild cooldowns reset.
Guild Boss rewards can be collected.
Dominion rewards can be collected.
Daily VIP rewards can be collected.


Competition resets are always at 11:30 PM
Red diamond reward can be collected.


Weekly resets are always at 5:30 AM
Family pulls and cooldowns will reset.
PVP points will reset.
New Weekly event.


Seasonal event resets are always at 5:30 AM
Current seasonal event will end.
All “Super Duper Season Pass” will expire.
New seasonal event.


Limited Packs always reset at 8:30 PM. Note: There are no Limited Packs when there is an update coming the week after
New Limited Packs will be given.
One Free Limited Pack will be given.

World Boss Jormungandr

World Boss Jormungandr comes out three times a day at these times.
4:20 PM
12:20 AM
8:20 AM

World Boss and Anvil

World Boss Jormungandr comes out three times a day at the times listed above

The icon to join will pop up directly under the archer village icon and you may need to restart your game for it to appear.

You may only participate in the world boss once every 24 hours.

Archer’s skills and passives do not work in the world boss, so it is best to use your highest levelled 5* archer with your best bow/arrow.

Beating the world boss will reward you with 10 shards to be used on the anvil of heaven, and doing the most damage in your group will reward you with 20 bonus shards.

Anvil of Heaven Upgrade Costs and Rates:

The cost for all attempts is 10 Anvil Fragments.

Upgrade Level | Success Chance | Effect

Checkpoint #1
Lvl. 1 | 70% Success | +5% Crit Chance
Lvl. 2 | 70% Success | +20% Crit DMG
Lvl. 3 | 60% Success | +1 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #2
Lvl. 4 | 65% Success | +0.1 ATK speed
Lvl. 5 | 65% Success | +30% Rebirth Stone Increase
Lvl. 6 | 55% Success | +2 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #3
Lvl. 7 | 60% Success | +5% Game Speed
Lvl. 8 | 60% Success | +50% Lightning Damage
Lvl. 9 | 50% Success | +2 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #4
Lvl. 10 | 55% Success | +10% Crit Chance
Lvl. 11 | 55% Success | +50% Crit DMG
Lvl. 12 | 45% Success | +2 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #5
Lvl. 13 | 50% Success | +100 Health Points
Lvl. 14 | 50% Success | +5 Health Regen per 60s
Lvl. 15 | 40% Success | +3 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #6
Lvl. 16 | 45% Success | +5% Game Speed
Lvl. 17 | 45% Success | +100% Crit DMG
Lvl. 18 | 35% Success | +3 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #7
Lvl. 19 | 40% Success | +0.1 ATK speed
Lvl. 20 | 40% Success | +100% Rebirth Stone Increase
Lvl. 21 | 30% Success | +3 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #8
Lvl. 22 | 35% Success | +200% Lightning Damage
Lvl. 23 | 35% Success | +10 Health Regen per 60s
Lvl. 24 | 25% Success | +4 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #9
Lvl. 25 | 30% Success | +200% Rebirth Stone Increase
Lvl. 26 | 30% Success | +0.2 ATK speed
Lvl. 27 | 20% Success | +4 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #10
Lvl. 28 | 25% Success | +10% Game Speed
Lvl. 29 | 25% Success | +200% Crit DMG
Lvl. 30 | 15% Success | +4 Produced Arrow Level
Checkpoint #11
Lvl. 31 | ? % Success | +0.2 Attack Speed
Lvl. 32 | ? % Success | +250% Rebirth Stone
Lvl. 33 | ? % Success | +4 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #12
Lvl. 34 | ? % Success | +200 Fence HP
Lvl. 35 | ? % Success | +100% Crit Damage
Lvl. 36 | ? % Success | +4 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #13
Lvl. 37 | ? % Success | +10% Game Speed
Lvl. 38 | ? % Success | +0.2 Attack Speed
Lvl. 39 | ? % Success | +4 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #14
Lvl. 40 | ? % Success | +15% Game Speed
Lvl. 41 | ? % Success | +0.25 Attack Speed
Lvl. 42 | ? % Success | +5 Produced Arrow Level

Checkpoint #15
Lvl. 43 | ? % Success | +15% Game Speed
Lvl. 44 | ? % Success | +0.25 Attack Speed
Lvl. 45 | ? % Success | +5 Produced Arrow Level

Effects when upgraded to the max:

+15% Crit Chance
+470% Crit DMG
+50 Produced Arrow Level
+1.3 ATK speed
+580% Rebirth Stone Increase
+60% Game Speed
+250% Lightning Damage
+300 Health Points
+15 Health Regen per 60s

Black Bow Aura

The energy of the Black Bow

The energy of the Black Bow is a section of the game that acts as a Black Diamond sink. In this section, the players are given the opportunity to increase their damage output by a certain percentage.

There are five tiers with five upgrades in each tier having a success rate ranging from 70% to 30%. The damage increase in Energy of the Black Bow is multiplied to the Arrow ATK damage.

Mystery Dungeon

In Mystery Dungeon, rewards can be gained by defeating monsters.

A Bow Point is gained every time one Golden Goblin is defeated. The first four Bow Points will give you one Bow.

After a Bow is gained, the grade of the bow increases per every Bow Point gained. a. If you exit before the end of Adventure, the rewards you have gained will disappear and will not be able to be recovered. S. Defeat the Goblin carrying the pocket watch to make Baby Bunny travel for longer.

Golden Goblins will appear much more frequently when using the Sp. Adventure Ticket.

Adventure Tickets and Sp. Adventure Tickets can be purchased in the Shop.

Adventure rewards are sent to Post when Adventure ends.

Lightning strikes don’t occur during Mystery Dungeon Adventure. All Adventure Tickets are consumed upon entry.

Defeat more monsters to get more rewards.

All damage dealt after the time limit does not count.

Archer Forest Idle Defence FAQ GUIDE

You can get black diamonds from extracting bows, selling bows in the auction house, deep forest runs and paying for them in guild shop or limited packs.

You can get red diamonds from doing competitions, deep forests and paying for them in a pet shops or limited packs.

What arrow level do I need to farm Deep Forest 1-4?

DF: As soon as it’s unlocked
DF2: Level 110+ recommend
DF3: Level 220+, recommend 235+
DF4: 500+ (will double check this answer in a few)

Also recommended to switch to a lower map for the atk speed increase if you are still struggling.

You can definitely do any DF earlier than the recommended levels we have depending on your Energy of the Black Bow level.

Where do Map ATK speed penalties apply?

Map ATK speed penalties apply to most activites. We advise to move to a map that has little or no ATK speed penalty especially late game players before doing Guild Boss, World Boss, Deep Forest, and Dominion.

How do we get the new event coins?

At this point the only way is through purchasing one of the limited-time packs. No one knows when or if there will an additional way to obtain these coins.

When should the totems be bought?

Damage – When the cost is the same or cheaper than diamond prod levels.
Rebirth – Sometime after diamond prod level is maxed.
Gold – Never. Useless in late game.

What should I spend the weekly event tokens on?

Ideally you should be able to purchase all of both archers and runes, then spend leftovers on archer pulls and some boss tickets (I usually end somewhere around 5000 for archer pulls and 2000 for boss tickets). If you do not have enough tokens to buy all of the archers and runes you will have to look at which archers and runes are available for that week and decide which ones are most important.

*Note Health and Cure runes are skipped by some players as they make it harder to proc phoenix in the mid/late game.

Conclusion: Archer Forest Idle Defence Guide

Hopefully, these tips from this Archer Forest beginner guide are enough to get you going in the game. If you want more tips, we recommend joining the official Discord server game there are so many beginner guides to help new players learn the ropes.

What did you think about our Archer Forest Idle Defenc Beginner Guide? leave us a comment!

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