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Looking for Barotrauma Weapon Tier List 2024, You are at the right place, In this Barotrauma Weapon Guide 2023, we will show you the best weapon in Barotrauma.

So come and take a look at this Barotrauma Weapon Tier List Wiki

Barotrauma Weapon Tier List 2024

Melee Weapons

What better way to fend off an annoying Mudraptor infiltrating your ship than with a shotgun? What better weapon to clear critter nests than the trusty SMG? Do you have a crew member giving you problems? A good thrashing to the head with a stun baton and wham, problem solved.

There is quite a rich and large number of weapons in this game, each with its specific stats. When you are going to use any of the weapons in this game, you should take into account the following observations:

DEPENDIBILITY of the weapon: Whether you are inside or outside the submarine and fighting with whomever, you should gauge the dependability of the weapon you are using by asking yourself: Am I going to use it against many groups of enemies? Is it useful for me to face the local fauna? Can I depend on her if my life were in danger?

There are weapons that are undoubtedly a dick in the game. But to have that, than to have nothing, it is preferable to have them. For example, a knife, wrench, crowbar, a very soldering iron, a screwdriver. They are melee weapons that, although the first one is designed for combat, are EXTREMELY weak against the local fauna. A knife VS a Mudraptor is generally the kill, unless the Mudraptor is at very low health. Clearly, in this scenario, the Mudraptor is more likely to tear you apart. But having, for example, a Revolver, it’s another story entirely; There if you can depend on the weapon to save your life.

EFFECTIVENESS: Knowing the properties of the local fauna and having a rough idea of ​​their strengths and weaknesses, you should be able to measure the effectiveness of the weapon you are going to use to end their life. Any firearm works a thousand times better against a mudraptor than melee weapons, where you endanger yourself.

AVAILABILITY: This rule drops a lot on the availability of ammunition for the weapon you use. If you plan to defend yourself with a weapon that you have low ammo reserves, or its ammo is already hard to come by, you should think about using another weapon with more easily available ammo and save these weapons for more crucial moments .

MORTALITY: Oneshoot? Doesn’t one shoot? Does any enemy it touches shit? It doesn’t do that much damage but does it have enough bullets? Take into account if the weapon you use is actually worth using against that enemy. You are not going to use a grenade launcher to kill a Crawler, which is easier to kill than a mosquito.

Barotrauma Tier List 2024 – Melee Weapon

Diving Knife (knife): First melee weapon that you will surely use. Actually, you’re not even going to use it for sure. Generally, it is used as a last option against enemies, or to finish off enemies with low life. It has 2 variants: the Hardened ; Improved version of the knife that allows you to do more damage and penetrate armor. And theEuropean Handshake , a conventional knife poisoned with morbusine. EXCELLENT to kill yourself with sticks with enemy players or humans, since the morbusine takes your oxygen little by little.

Stunning Baton: Excellent device for stunning people and perhaps some local wildlife. Successive hits against an individual, at least against humans, can cause a 10 second stun.

Lever: The lever of half life. You know what he does. Or you use it to force doors and so on, or to open heads. It has its Hardened version that opens doors 40% faster. And it does more damage, clearly.

Wrench: Terrible melee weapon, I do not recommend its use. But it makes it possible to fix mechanical devices, so if you see a Mechanic without a wrench in his inventory you have every right to cannonball him right in the jaw.

Screwdriver: Same as the Wrench. If you see an Enginner without the screwdriver, shoot in the knee.

These last 3 tools + the knife have a DEMENTONITE version, which is infinitely better than the HARDENED version, and also inflicts PSYCHOSIS when hitting players.

Heavy Wrench: A heavy crowbar cast by Mechanics. It does more damage and repairs faster than a normal wrench, but having a low level in Mechanic the attacks are slower and may even stun you.

Boarding Ax: A medieval ax of death itself that has 3 times more range than a normal knife, much more damage to enemies and even structures, and with a very high chance of dismembering members. EXCELLENT melee weapon, especially when used by someone with melee damage Buffs.

Barotrauma Weapon Tier List Wiki – Firearms 

Revolver: Excellent weapon to always have equipped for those situations where bugs get into you. Generally, you can kill Crawlers in 3 well placed shots, and maybe use all 6 bullets against Mudraptors.

Handcannon: The revolver, but on steroids. And strong steroids, huh? ATOMIC stopping power against humans and local wildlife alike. Headshots are exceptionally effective against local wildlife. Not with all of them, but against bugs, it’s more against eggs, such as the Mudraptor and the Mudraptor Veteran. Has 50% armor penetration and 100% chance to dismember. Personal recommendation: Save it for the mudraptors.

Riot Shotgun: Basic pump shotgun with normal rate of fire and decent bullet capacity. EXORBITANT damage to any individual at close range. Be careful when using it against Mudraptors, if they have armor the shotgun won’t even scratch them. You can equip it with rubber pellets and explosive pellets. Explosives are a single projectile. (That explodes, clearly)

Autoshotgun: Automatic shotgun with a very generous capacity of 24 bullets in total and a very fast shooting speed. Extremely useful for most wildlife, except for the larger critters. With explosive pellets it is a terrifying weapon. It has quite the same dispersion, eye.

B00m Stick: Classic and beautiful double-barrel sawed-off shotgun. It has faster firing than the Riot, and quadruple knockback. But hey, two bullets, you know. Personal recommendation: Have it as an anti-personnel weapon.

SMG: .45 ACP submachine gun of a lifetime. Super useful against enemies without armor layers. I assure you that you are not going to do absolutely anything to the Mudraptor by even magdumping it.

Manchine Pistol: Super slick 21-round submachine gun. I say fachera because you can do the akimbo and carry one in each hand and be the nightmare of any silly bug that gets on the boat. (As long as you don’t have armor)

Rifle: Clear and obvious replica of the Winchester rifle of a lifetime. Extreme aim is accompanied by damage equivalent to a Shotgun point-blank shot. Of course, it is bolt action, you will not be able to become Overwatch’s Ashe shooting like a pig. But it is an excellent weapon for enemies at a distance, you can use it inside and outside the Sub. In addition, they have a slot for 40mm grenades, which are used before the rifle starts using the bullets in its magazine. Excellent multipurpose weapon.

Assault Rifle: Powerful 6.8mm assault rifle that destroys and obliterates enemies at short and medium range, and has tremendous accuracy (with the necessary skills). The magazines can only be crafted, not refilled, so my recommendation is to have a rig with 8 magazines and the assault rifle together, so if you use it, you make sure to put any fool that comes to you 46 oceanic meters underground. want to kill

hmg: As in metal slug itself, the Heavy Manchine Gun is the true terror of enemies and traitors who get into your submarine, or who you are going to, well, aim at. It has a huge capacity of 100 bullets, it has stun per hit, the bullets are Armor Piercing and it is extremely accurate. Of course, if you do not have the necessary ability, it can become SUPER imprecise and push you back if you use it in the water. That is why it is 100% better for a Security Guard to use it. Incredible weapon to take into account, SUPER useful for those missions to annihilate Nests.

Deadeye Carbine: A submachine gun that, while about the same in terms of stats with the normal SMG, it fires in accurate bursts, making it useful at Long Range. It also has a damage multiplier of 1.1.

Rapid Fissile Accelerator: Basically, a deadly lightning bolt produced by Doctor Nefario himself from Despicable Me. Use uranium rods as ammunition, any type, and deliver a punch that if it doesn’t make you shit inside, will leave you with terrible radiation. Be careful, if you are close to the lightning strike, the radiation can hit you, be careful. From personal experience, this weapon is GARCHA to the Mudraptors. Highly recommended. Also if you are full of uranium that you do not use, it is practically a parade to use this weapon against all potential enemies.

Harpoon Gun: My dearest harpoon-throwing weapon. Cheap weapon, quite powerful per shot, with the CHEAPEST ammunition to craft in the game. When using it, I highly recommend tremendous trigger discipline, because it’s a weapon that is a bit tricky to use. You have to aim well. The firerate on this weapon leaves a lot to be desired, and a bug outside the sub can cut you quite a bit of distance if you miss that shot. Harpoons are salvageable. (If you can find them in that much water.)

Harpoon Coil-gun: Excellent upgrade to the normal harpoon-gun, which has a 1.7 damage multiplier and launches them at faster speeds. Of course, it retains the same shooting speed and also uses an auxiliary battery that has to be recharged.

Grenade Launcher: A versatile weapon, at the same time annihilating, to have in every good submarine. It works in water, and like all good grenade launchers, it has an atomic chance to one-shoot enemies with a full health HE grenade, as well as having a prolonged stun when using stun grenades. It also uses acid grenades, making a terrible copy of the acid grenades from Resident Evil 3. It’s heavy and two-handed, and given the clear shortage of its ammo, you’d better assess the situation carefully when planning to draw the grenade launcher. (That is, feel free to use the stun grenades, they are wonderful.)

Flamer: A flamethrower. You don’t really need a description. It’s assured destruction against any fool inside the sub who isn’t wearing a protective suit, clearly. It is also the quintessential tool to eliminate the Flora Ballasts stuck in the Ballast Tanks. Be careful when using it because the flamethrower consumes oxygen from the room where you use it.

Steam Cannon: A tool almost the same as the Flamer, only that it does not produce a flame of fire, only steam. (Apparently hyper-hot steam, because it makes you crap.) It works underwater and does not consume oxygen from the room when used. An excellent upgrade from the Flamer.

Arc Emitter: One of my favorite weapons, since I am a majestic Support. It emits waves of electricity that Stun enemies, and these waves pass through walls, so you can use it inside the submarine, Stun enemies by whipping the submarine and make them easy targets so that the turrets can kill them. Excellent support weapon. Fully recommended. Requires a battery to use.

Fun Fact: It is based on the Electrical Discharge Coils.

Scrap Cannon: Literally a weapon taken from Borderlands. The Scarp Cannon is just that, a cannon that shoots scrap. It has a spread that literally kills you, but uses raw iron as ammunition. Or Steel Bars, or Scrap. Up close, he can one-shoot almost any bug, obviously not armored. It also uses a battery to power it. Excellent constant kill dispenser cannon.

Syringe and Advanced Syringe Guns: Syringe Gun crafted by the medic. More than being a weapon it is a tool; if you load it with morphine, you can heal your teammates from a distance, or if you load it with Raptor Bane Extract you can melt the intestines, lungs, hearts, guts, and any type of rare organ that the Mudraptors have inside and make a stew of Mudraptor when they reach the next station. A GREAT tool to have, just for the fact that it’s a Mudraptors worst nightmare.

That’s it for this Barotrauma Weapon Tier List Wiki – Best Weapon Guide in Barotrauma. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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