Botworld Adventure Tier List 2024 April (UPDATED)

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Are you Looking for a Botworld Adventure Tier List 2024 and Botworld Adventure Guide Wiki? If yes, then you are at the right place. Follow this article to find out Botworld Adventure Tier List and Botworld Adventure Guide.

Botworld Adventure is an open-world RPG developed by Featherweight. Botworld is a large, attractive, and unique world that you can explore as you go forth in search of rare scrap and new bots.

You can Explore new worlds, meet a diverse cast of characters, discover unusual treasures, and unravel Botworld’s many secrets.

You are free to explore the many lush forests and dry deserts, but you need always to have a strong bot team with you because you never know what’s around the corner. So Come and take a look at this Botworld Adventurer Tier List.


Botworld Adventure Tier List 2024 Wiki

This Botworld Adventure tier list is very helpful If you are looking for Botworld Adventure Beginner Guide. This Tier List is shared by @Lekoi Thanks to him.

This tier-list is made with level 20+ play in mind, and weights heavily the combo potential in perfect conditions with dedicated abilities & boosters loadout

Botworld Adventure  Abilities Tier List Wiki

S+ (Solo Carries)

  • Icewall

  • Hypercharge

S (Game Changer)

  • Gust

  • Zap Tower

  • Supercharged Chaos Translocator

A (Does VERY Well)

  • Vortex *

  • Shield

  • Chaos Translocator

  • Hack

  • Team Translocator

  • Explosive Proximity Translocator

B (Does Well)

  • Super Charge

  • Freeze

  • Barrier Wall

  • Ball Lightning

  • Hyperdrain

C (Situational)

  • Immobilize

  • Frost Missile

  • Speed Boost

  • Charge Field

  • Proximity Translocator

  • Lightning Rod

  • Knockback

  • Frost Tower

  • Charge Bolt

  • Firewall *

  • Poison Trail *

  • Immobilize Field *

  • Poison Tower

  • Unstable Plasma

  • Poison Missile

D (Not Suitable)

  • Missile

  • Hasty Ground

  • Energy Bolt

  • Poison Bolt

  • Knockback Bolt

  • Goop

  • Chilling Ground

  • Snowball

  • Corrode

F (Not Viable)

Haven’t tried it and can’t make up my mind

  • Hack Missile

  • Scare Tower

Thank you for your contributions: @lollipOOOp#2936, @Lekoi#4551 (for the insight below), & @Mr.G.Night#5112

Firewall and Poison Trail aren’t for the damage, but for what they do to a bot’s A.I. If you have any form of stuns/slows/freezes/restrictions from your bots, then using FW or PT on an enemy bot will be devastating because their AI will prioritize escaping — although it may not be able to or not efficiently escape.

Vortex has a unique gimmick of overlapping bot hitboxes allowing for units like Longshot to become a pseudo Splasher as well as synergizes with A.I. manipulation of bots like Flamer’s ultimate. Immobilize Field won’t stop things like Bigshot or Pluggie from attacking, or may even provoke a running Pupil into attacking.


  • Zap Tower was nerfed in .27 so might need a good 2nd look !

  • I didn’t order the abilities inside of a tier, it’ll surely be good to do at some point tho.

  • Many of the D tier I haven’t actually tried much or even at all because they just don’t click with me. I expect I’m wrong in a few case and will be happy to get corrected. I also expect some will even deserve a lower ranking down into F tier but I give them the benefit of the doubt for now.

  • Charge Field & AOE buffs in general: I value them lower than their single-target counterparts as I’m always worried the fight will take a turn where I won’t get good mileage of the extra targets.

  • Chilling ground & slow in general: I value them quite low because I believe the best way to help your melees catch ranger is to speed them up. They’ll be sorry otherwise when their slowed target gets teleported across the field.

  • Snowball & slow-moving projectiles in general: I like to have my ability instant or fast at the very least so as not to waste power due to bad timing.

  • Poison in general: I’m sure most will agree poison isn’t in a very good place overall, I find it applies even more to abilities than to bots.

Crossposting an ongoing effort from over discord, I’ll try and take every opinion into consideration and update accordingly. Find the best game tier lists and game guides at Theclashify. Level up your gameplay today.

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