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Clash Royale Card Upgrade Guide 2020 – How to Upgrade Your Cards

How to Upgrade Your Cards

Hi Guys Clash Royale Card Upgrade Guide 2020 Today I will show you Clash Royale Card Upgrade Guide 2020 The most common complaint about clash royale is the leveling system. Afaik there haven’t been any posts on how to fix this besides the usual “level one deck” which infact, does not work as meta changes and cards get buffed and nerfed. Ive been playing for almost 3 years and im 11% maxed with a bit of money spent (less than $1k). Today im here to explain the best cards to upgrade and what to focus on for each meta/month.

What are the good cards?

A good card is one that can easily fill a unique role in a deck or fulfil many roles in many decks, an example would be tombstone or goblin gang. Both of these cards are used in a variety of decks. Some other examples would be mega minion, baby drag, musket, e wiz, ram, prince, bats, bandit, and a flying machine. (Ofc there are others but those are the big ones IMO). The other group of good cards are spells, spells are the best cards to upgrade without a doubt.

What are good archetypes to focus on?

I started to care about royale about 7 months in and thats also when i started to watch youtubers such as nickatnyte or molt. Then i transitioned into cwa and oj and as soon as that happened i decided that golem was going to be my archetype. Golem is one of the bests archetypes to upgrade right now and in general. For me it provied a variety of cards to upgrade as pretty much anything can go behind golem as you just slap troops down and think youre skilled as you nado everything into the golem… another good archetype is bridge spam and (dare i say it) 3 musketeers. Not the bait kind but the bridge spam kind as it also brings in multiple cards to use.

What cards should i be upgrading?

From my experience you should try and upgrade as many spells and win cons to max as possible and get support troops to 12 unless they need lvl 13 (such as knight and gang). Spells such as fireball, poison, zap, log, and snowball are very good investments as they can be used in many different decks. Spells have the most impactful interactions on cards as just 1 level could cost you the game, such as a fireball not 1 shotting an ewiz or ice wiz or a poison not killing the 2 musketeers from 3m. Zap and snowball are self explanatory as bait is still used by all the 4k ladder noobs because stats royale shows it as the best deckcough rant over cough. The better win cons to upgrade would be golem, royal giant, hog, 3m(or what used to be 3m) giant, xbow/mortar and graveyard/miner/hound.

How should i upgrade my cards?

If you can manage to upgrade 4 of these or more at a time by choosing a common win con, rare, epic and legendary you can use tokens to trade for all of them and request the common win con until its maxed, then you can transition into the rare one. Every Sunday request for xbow, Pekka, or golem whichever you prefer. Then trade for the legend win con (you can also req log as it fits in many decks) after the win cons are upgraded you can then start to upgrade the support cards.

What are the best support cards?

This is solely dependent on the user’s playstyle. If you wanna use bait upgrade all bait cards such as bats, rascals, gang, princess, prince, skeleton barrel, inferno drag, skarmy, minions, and gob barrel. If you want to use tank decks or graveyard(since rn they share the same cards) upgrade mega min, ice wiz, baby drag, bowler, cannon cart, lumberjack, night witch, graveyard(for giant), e wiz, edrag, knight, ice golem, and lightning. If you wanna use hog or miner upgrade cards like ice golem, valk, inferno tower, inf drag, musket, e wiz, skeletons, ice spirt, minions, gang, mega min, ice wiz, mega knight, bats, and tombstone.

What cards should i avoid?

E barbs e barbs e barbs e barbs e barbs Witch Wizard Zappies Giant skeleton Heal Mirror Clone Rage Cannon Bomb tower and basically any card under a 3% use rate. The biggest ones are just cards that serve 1 purpose in a deck but even in that deck another card suites them better, wizard or exe? Why use them when baby drag or musket does a better job. Barbs or ebarbs? Gang, guards, and skarmy do a better job, hell even ljack and royal recruits are better. There are some exceptions, royal hogs magic archer and goblin giant are cards that are in theory but need buffs in order to be viable and reliable.


Upgrade spells and win cons, focus on a variety of archetypes. upgrade support cards for the archetypes you want, use epic sunday to your advantage and upgrade epic win cons on support troops, dont upgrade level independant cards, avoid cards that have better substitutes and upgrade bait cards as they’re always good.

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