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Clash Royale 2v2 Tips 2020 | Best 2v2 Strategy Guide 2020

Clash Royale 2v2 Tips 2019

Clash Royale 2v2 Tips 2020 | Best 2v2 Strategy Guide 2020 Hello Clash Royale 2v2 Tips 2020 | Best 2v2 Strategy Guide 2020 guys, PeakCell_C I’m finally back in the game. Well, I’m kinda bored of 1v1 playing so my PB is still stuck at 4800 after a lot of months even tho my deck’s cards levels are way better now, but that’s fine, I’ll just play 2v2 anyway. Even if I still have some traumatic memories about me and a friend getting destroyed by TheFinalBossYT and one of his clanmates using a hog mortar deck, I’ll keep trying 2v2 hard.

And because I’m playing 2v2, I’d like to share about this mode, since it’s now, if I don’t make a mistake with this statement, a permanent game mode.

2V2 is a pretty nice mode isn’t it? Let’s talk about it.

Clash Royale 2v2 Tips 2019 | Best 2v2 Strategy Guide 2019

2v2: Why is it that good? And what could be bad in this mode?

The 2V2 game mode is the first game mode to allow you to actually earn chests without risking any trophy. Moreover, you are not alone and your mistakes won’t make you lose in this mode, making it more of a fun game mode. But the best part of it ? You can actually play with your friends/clanmates, for even more fun ! The fact that you never lose trophies has many impacts on your gaming experience with this mode.


  • First, you feel way less stress when playing, because you are not tryharding because you don’t need to.
  • It means you can actually get your chest slots full AND do your crown chests while only having fun, without any competitive background to give you stress. It actually makes you enjoy the whole game better.
  • It also means you can level up your deck without even going in ranked games.
  • You can try new decks and strategies for your ladder levels. But well, you’ll have to do that with the other guy.
  • After some 2v2 games, you might have a good mindset to go into ranked play, since you were having fun.
  • We can see that this way too: If you’re bored after some 1V1 matches, you can play some 2v2 to cheer u up.

Well, I think I’m done with the principal good points. I like to talk about psychology since people tend to think it has no impact on their gameplay, while in fact, it is MAD important to have a good mindset to win efficiently.

Well, let’s talk about what could be BAD about this game mode. Yes, you read it good, everything has a shadow part. Like, look at your feet, you’ll see I’m right.

2v2 mode is a good thing, but has some issues. Not talking about bugs, or anything that SuperCell could fix, but natural things that will impact you when you play 2v2. It’s sad, but I think you should be aware of those.


  • First, you need to know that, because you are having fun and are playing with someone else who might save situations many times, even if you have the good mindset to identify your mistakes, you will not be as efficient at doing this as if you were playing ranked 1v1 games.
  • You might try new strategies, but they might not be as efficient in 1v1 play. Same goes for the decks.
  • Every 2v2 game you do is a 1v1 training game you missed. I’m sorry about saying that because I’m myself spamming 2v2, but you may loose reflexes and training when you do too much 2v2 games. You should alternate between the two game modes, or at least continue to do a lot of 1v1 games, if you want to climb the ladder.
  • Classic multiplayer game issue : Your teammate might make you lose. You might also make your teammate lose.

Ok let’s stop this part. I think I’ve explained the most important things there. Let’s go for general tips about 2V2.

Clash Royale 2v2 Tips 2019 | Best 2v2 Strategy Guide 2019

General tips about 2v2

Sooo I want to classify these tips by category. Let’s begin :

Your teammate

  • Obviously you have more chances to win if you play with someone who understands your playstyle and/or who you communicate with. This tip helps doing less failures like the classic “Double log against the barrel”, or the fabulous “Double zap on the skeleton army” or the legendary “DOUBLE FREEZE COMBO”. Yes, I have a lot of names like that in mind, but you know what I’m talking about : Duplicate answers. An answer is my nice-looking word meaning “counter”. If you and your teammate put 2 complete answers to the same situations, you are losing elixir.

Having a teammate who understands your playstyle helps your team lose less/0 elixir. Having a teammate who is chatting with you adds the possibility to tell this person when to answer a situation for you. It does not only help about the lose of elixir, but it also naturally makes your comp more efficient.

  • Your teammate should have about the same card levels than yours. Otherwise you’re going to handle the match 70-80% by yourself (invented but realistic percentages). I’ll talk about myself a little : I have a real life friend (I know, right) who used to play CR. We were having fun with the clan 2v2 battles, but he quit the game short after and used to only come back for 2v2 battles with me (Well his cards could do nothing against RGs so that’s what made him quit). I told him the game had a new 2v2 mode when the temporary 2v2 was in, and we lost almost EVERY game, just because of his cards levels. I had to handle a great part of all these matches by myself, which is impossible to do in 2v2 mode.
  • If your teammate is raging, he might be playing bad. Also make sure his connection is fine.
  • Your deck and your teammate’s decks should have great synergies. We’ll talk about this again later.
  • You should try to play with your clan mates a lot, you will probably find someone you are doing extremely well with. Then, add this person as a friend and farm your chests with them. People tend to understand other people’s playstyle more or less, if you find someone you’re doing well with, you may have found someone who has a great mental synergy with you. I have a mate like this, we can win a lot of games without even communicating at all, and still losing very few/no elixir.

Your own skill

  • Same rules as 1v1 apply here : Strategies like split pushing, cycling, overwhelming, forcing elixir expenses, tanking hits to gain elixir advantage, and a lot more.. All these strategies apply. You should check other guides about those, if I had to explain these strats here this guide would be twice as long
  • Try to read how your team mate plays, and you’ll play better. You have to understand what they’re trying to do, because if you work together, you have way more chances to win.
  • Honestly, and it’s sad, you should mute your opponents from the start. Nice people exist, but idiots too, and you’ll find them quickly. Very quickly. And it affects your gameplay, even if you don’t feel it. Also, try not to be like them.
  • It is kinda linked to the last point, but you’ll have more chances to win if you’re in a good mood.
  • Now to avoid losing your skills, you should do 1v1s aside of 2v2s as well. Because 2v2 are fun, and playing too much of a fun game mode lowers your competitive skills. But that’s just an advice, look at me : I’m becoming bad in 1v1, but I don’t really care 🙂
  • You should care a lot about your teammate’s expenses. If they just put a golem, they might not be able to defend, and it will be your job to do the shield while your mate prepares a huge push. If the ennemies are not too agressive, you should add support to your mate’s push as well.

Deck building

  • In this mode you want to build a deck that has a potential synergy with a lot of decks (if you play with random people) or with your friend’s/clanmate’s deck (if you don’t). Common mistakes in this mode are to pick the same deck. Sometimes it works, but sometimes not. For example, do you think picking 2 inferno towers or 2 freeze spells is any good ? Obviously not. You want to pick a deck that works fine with the deck of your mate, or can answer its counters. Control decks are extremely good for that and are consequently a good choice to complete most of the decks.
  • You should only pick cards that you leveled up enough. Levels are extremely important.
  • Spells are extremely strong in this mode, because 2 people having 2 spells each can destroy a damaged tower very easily.
  • Cards like the PEKKA and the Sparky are even easier to counter in this mode, but are a powerful defense and can make up for a huge counter attack. So, even if they are easier to counter, if they are played as a counterattack and supporter by you and your mate, they can be devastating, and unstoppable.
  • 16 cards mean even more situations to answer too. Your decks must be extremely versatile to be efficient.

All these tips should make up for a solid preparation and a pretty nice winrate in the future; just make sure not to play against pros like the one I talked about in the first lines of this post. It was even a clan battle 2v2 so we had actually chances to beat them 🙁

That’s all for this post guys. Hope you liked it, and good luck in this game mode, don’t forget to always have fun !

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