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Pro Players Clash Royale Trophies Pushing Guide 2020 June

Clash Royale Trophies Puhing Guide

Hello guys Clash Royale Trophies Pushing Guide Hope y’all didn’t forget me. I Felt kinda lazy and I didn’t have much time to write guides, but I’m (kinda) back in the game and I want you guys to climb the ladder like you never did before, so I’ll give you a (Hopefully, as I write these lines) quick guide to make it easy for you.

The title IS NOT even a clickbait, you guys can often climb way higher than you think. I’m just here to make you realize it.

Let’s go step-by-step. Of course it’s not a magical thing, you must follow some rules to climb easily and I will try to tell you those.

Hey, I’m PeakCell. As I have a huge ego I kinda always begin a guide by talking about myself. I think it adds a cool context and tells you how this guide can help you so we’ll begin by that here too.

The first thing I want to say is that I used to be stuck in low levels for quite a time. You know, those tips I will give you, I used to play without. It was bad, but nowadays my situation changed a lot.

Almost two years ago, I began following a self-found strategy and climbing a lot without stopping. I was very impressed by it, so I set myself a challenge and managed to do it. Pros were in the ~5600 trophy range at that time and my cards levels were BAD so I decided to get to the 4700 trophies mark with it.

After this challenge complete, and reaching 4900 and then 5k in the next seasons, I began feeling lazy. I used free chests and donations to max my deck and level, but did not feel like climbing again yet.

New cards released, the deck began to be worse and worse against the meta. Right now, it’s kinda the last deck you would play in ladder, and because of all this lazyness and the 2v2 mode I kinda lost my mastery of it.

But I’m still back this season with a 5248 trophy score (Yes I played again after reaching the 5200 trophies just because I wanted to be #3 in my clan xD) and even tho my deck is bad and I am not as good with it as before, I think about trying the 5500 trophies next season with it.

This Clash Royale Ladder Guide | Clash Royale Trophies Pushing Guide, made with love, some magic drops and a lot of bravery, will not help you getting a lot better, but BEHAVING better. And this, my friends, is the best way to climb the ladder.

This Clash Royale Ladder Guide | Clash Royale Trophies Pushing Guide will mostly be about psychology in CR, how you should think about things, and make you see the game with another viewing angle.

Most of you guys have NO IDEA of how the psychology plays in this game. I would even say that 50% of a great CR game is psychology-based, and the rest depends on the skill, cards, levels etc.

Since some of you readers will probably think I’m wrong (Because why would psychology play a more important role than skill ?) I’d still recommend you reading these tips and applying them. You’ll probably see a lot of difference in your ladder pushing.

Also, I may slide in some great non-psychological tips too, because some of those are important as well.

Here is a quick summary of the parts of the guide :

I – Play when you WANT to play

In this part we’ll talk about the importance of not forcing yourself to play or try to “save the honor” when losing several time in a row and getting angrier and angrier.

II – When you lose, it’s YOUR fault

In this one, even if the title is more provocating than true, we’ll talk about objectivity. I’ll tell you how you should feel about other players, and other cards. We’ll also talk a bit about F2P players, and I’ll probably get some of them mad at me with this part.

III – You’re better than your opponents

This part is mostly about how you should feel about every fight and how you shouldn’t judge yourself too fast and think you don’t deserve to reach a higher trophy range.

IV – Emotes are cool… For spectating

This one is about emotes and how you should handle them in your games. Several strategies can be done about it, and of course you won’t react the same way as me about emotes so I’ll try to cover every aspect of the subject.

V – Play your own deck, Use Meta Decks

Copying meta decks is great when you’re a top 200 player. If you’re not, you may want to play something which resembles you. This part is about how you should make your deck, but I may not give you the same tips as everyone else.

VI – Try new gameplays to master it

Once you’ve made your deck, it’s important to play it better than anyone else would do. Great, I cover this too !

VII – Have a goal, have fun

Well, this talks by itself.

I – Play when you WANT to play

If you’ve had a bad day, you shouldn’t even launch a ladder game. You may want to go 2v2 instead and take it as a little fun-pill before going in ladder.

When you’re feeling bad about something, your mind will be slower in-game since you’ll have conscious (or not) thoughts about other things. You might want to launch a game only if you can be fully into it.

Also, it means that if you’re losing, you might be raging harder and harder. This won’t make you a better player, you can trust me. It will help you lose more and more, and that why sometimes you can lost 300 trophies in a row

To launch a game you must be :

  • Relaxed
  • Wanting to play
  • Able to concentrate fully

You must not force yourself to play because you really want this new PB or because you need to rush, or to have a better score than someone. You must not even force yourself to play ladder for chests.

Well, actually, playing in the toilets IS a great idea, finally.

II – When you lose, it’s YOUR fault


The mindset is, as we just saw, pretty important.

But as I told you, if you lose, you may get angrier and it makes you play worse.

It would be pretty bad if you had to stop playing each time you lose, right ?

Well, that’s why we can solidify your mindset. And the best tool to make your mindset solid is objectivity.

Here are several ways you can improve your objectivity in CR :

  • If this card seems OP, you should watch TV royale replays of pros using it and carefully watch what counters it and if it feels as OP as in your game. Also, try thinking less about this card’s strengths, and more about it’s weaknesses.
  • Pay more attention to your opponent’s mistakes, and to your own mistakes. Watch your replays, even wins, and ask yourself what you could have done better.
  • When you lose, tell yourself that the only reason is that you played poorly. It will force you focusing more on your skill and less on the other players.
  • Don’t even watch the other players’ cards levels. If you ever do, tell yourself that if they have high levels, it only compensates for a lack of skill that will make you win.
  • If you couldn’t do anything, you probably just faced a counter. That’s allright.
  • If your opponent played well and you lost, don’t get angry and instead, tell yourself that you faced a great player. It’s always great to face those in this game when you see how many of the players are bad AF.

These thoughts should help you relax and play more games without ever letting frustration get to you.

A quick word for a part of F2P players :

Some people stay free to play for the only reason that they think it makes you deserve your rank more or because it’s not worth paying for virtual things. I wouldn’t recommend that, since playing as a free to play is frustrating. Even if you only bought like 1000 gems in the game, you will be waaay less frustrated by facing maxed out players.

Also, these are pretty bad reasons to stay f2p : there is not more merit about it, and a lot of real-life items would have a lesser impact on your life than getting new content in your favorite games. If you love this game and have enough spare money, you shouldn’t use these reasons to avoid spending in CR. But please, please, if you buy gem packs, spend them wisely 😉

III – You’re better than your opponents

This is ALWAYS true, even if it ISN’T.

First, why should you be less skilled than someone who does not read way too long guides about psychology in CR ? These guys are not as interested in the game as you are, to begin with.

Then, I can tell you 99% of the ladder players are incredibly bad, and knowing this is also a mindset trick that helped me climb. Right, once you know this, you begin recognizing more and more mistakes from your opponent, and you learn how to profit from it.

Also, if you think your opponents are as great as you, you will feel more stress, be too careful (Being careful is great, being too careful is not) and have more of a defensive playstyle; you will notice less mistakes and you will lose occasions of stomping a noob who is also thinking that you have the same level as they have, while you are, in fact, a way greater player.

You will feel that every player you face is a challenge, when, in fact, they are not and you could faceroll your smartphone to the higher arena/league.

Trust me, don’t ask questions : You’re a better player than your opponents, and you deserve a higher trophy score. That’s a fact, that’s not questionnable, it should get into your head and stay inside of it.

By the way, I’m currently at 5248 trophies and I’m still facing more than 50% of terribly bad players so you should really trust me about this.

IV – Emotes are cool… For spectating


Do you know that they are a real strategy in this game ?

Everybody has a different psychological answer to emotes. And everybody emotes differently.

Here is my personnal reacting scheme against emotes :

  • BMing since the beginning : I think “I want to destroy this guy” which distracts me a lot and does not help me do so
  • BMing at the end : I think “*censored things*” which hits my mindset and then my effectiveness in next games
  • Polite emotes at the beginning : Helps me win by making me more relaxed
  • Polite emotes at the end : Helps me win the next ones by making me more relaxed
  • BMing the whole game : Totally screws up my gameplay
  • Support emotes from my viewers : Since they generally put emotes during the entire game, it distracts me and does not help. If they only do it from time to time tho, it makes me feel better.
  • Being BMed and then disabling : I think “Oh it’s better now. But I still want to kick this player’s ass too bad.” so it’s better for me to have it disabled from the beginning.

See ? Well we all react differently against emotes, there is no shame to have about overreacting to those.

Generally, I would advise most people to simply disable all emotes on ladder play. Why ? Because most people will at least be distracted by someone who constantly BMs. Even disabling emotes after having been BMed does not help at all.

Since emotes have way better chances of screwing up your gameplay than of improving it, you should disable them on ladder and challenges.

If you’re not a human but more of a demon tho, you should enable them and BM a lot. Since most people do not disable emotes, these things can make you win (No, I’m not joking. Emotes can make you win).

If you do, pick your emotes carefully so your 8 best BM emotes will be easier to reach in game. Generally I’d recommend keeping the laughing and crying king emotes, they are IMO still the best BM emotes out there.

However, if you’re the kind of person who plays better when supported, try to play only when your friends are spectating you.

V – Play your own deck, Use Meta Deck

I already talked about this and the guide had quite a lot of success but I think I should also put a quick part about it here.

For your mindset, you should play something you LIKE to play. Try to make a decent deck with the cards you love the most, even if they are not meta cards !

Focus on the fun you’ll have playing this deck. Playing an out-of-meta customized deck has advantages :

  • Your opponents won’t recognize what you’re playing as fast as they usually would
  • You’re playing your own deck, which is always cool
  • Since your cards are familiar to you, you’ll master this deck way easier
  • People will underestimate you, and since they are bad players, it will only help them lose easier
  • You’ll generally have more fun. Trust me, I’m playing mine since 2 years and still love it !
  • People who will spectate you, once you’ve mastered it, will often tell you how your gameplay impress them. Self-confidence is key in CR (Check part III if you’re not sure about it) and it helps knowing that people are impressed by your gameplay.

And its disadvantages… :

  • Your deck may be bad, which means it is only great because you mastered it and love it
  • It won’t succeed as well in challenges as in ladder play
  • People won’t trust your deck unless you’ve reached a fair amount of trophies with it

But generally it will provide you with a better experience in the game, will make you improve, and will help you be the best at something instead of copying.

VI – Try new gameplays to master it

Once you have your deck, you may quickly see it has some flaws with the current meta.

For example, my ladder deck has :

  • Hog rider
  • Inferno tower
  • Zap
  • Log
  • Goblins
  • Skeleton army
  • Fire spirits
  • Ice spirit

Tell me, how could I win against bowler decks, wizard decks, executionner decks, tornado decks ?

Aaaaand that’s why the complete mastery of a deck is extremely important.

Once you have listed in your head all the things that counter your deck, you should try playing it differently , testing new gameplays. What do you have to lose, if you’re already losing 100% in the first place ?

Why is this experimenting strategy so powerful ?

  • Because it makes you quickly discover all the synergies of your deck and how to use them
  • These synergies will transform some of your counters into countered decks
  • Counters who become countered by your deck means better winrate
  • Better winrate means climbing the ladder

See ?

So, don’t ever tell yourself you have lost the game. instead, try new things, and get them to work !

VII – Have a goal, have fun

There’s one more thing you can do to improve your mindset.

Here, you have read the whole guide. your playstyle is more relaxed, more familiar to you, and it is mastered. Since it is mastered, you know you will crush your ennemy who is a bad player. You don’t even listen to their crying emotes which, finally, simply represents their face after this game.

But there’s something which is missing.. Why do you want to make this player give their trophies to you ?

It is way better for your mindset to have a goal.

And since you’re now a better player, you should try to go higher and higher.

It will help you get some more fun into this game, and make you realize how great you can be.

Some sort of a conclusion

Thanks for your reading; I hope you liked this guide. It’s been a long time I didn’t post anything on Reddit and since I’m currently recreating my old ladder success, I thought it would be cool to share with you all the tips that made me reach every achievement I was trying to get in the game.

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