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Welcome to our Peroxide Stats Guide Wiki, In this article we will show you Peroxide Best Stats Build & Peroxide Stat Ranking for Different Races. Dimer provides insights into the optimal stat builds for the game “Peroxide.”

You can tweak the recommended stats to fit their own gameplay. So come and take a look at this Peroxide Stats Guide Wiki – Best Stats Build & Stat Ranking

Peroxide Stats Guide Wiki – Best Stats Build & Stat Ranking

Understanding Combat Stats:


  • Scales 70% of M1 (weak for M1s but decent).
  • Scales off Saros, Keto moves, and all Spirit moves.
  • Useful for Quincy builds and some specific moves for other races.


  • Highly scales M1s and all strength-based moves.
  • Players with a full strength build deal massive M1 damage.


  • Scales your health.
  • Gives +1 health per level, ensuring decent health at max levels.
  • For every 10 levels, all stats scale higher.
  • Riatsu and Agility can be maxed out at 154, not affecting combat stats.
  • Players receive 490 combat stats for their builds.

Stat Ranking for Different Races:

Spirit Build:

Quincy: 1st (best for Quincy).

Soul Reapers: Last (they generally favor strength builds).

Hollows: Last (Quincy dominates the spirit build category).

Hybrid Build:

Quincy: 2nd.

Soul Reapers: 2nd.

Hollows: 1st (very strong, especially due to Acero and Keto).

Strength Build:

Quincy: Last (not recommended unless specific situations).

Soul Reapers: 1st.

Hollows: 2nd.

Full Spirit Builds:

    • 350 Spirit, 140 Vitality, 0 Strength.
    • 300 Spirit, 190 Vitality, 0 Strength.
    • 400 Spirit, 90 Vitality, 0 Strength (Glass Cannon – use with caution).

Full Strength Builds:

    • 350 Strength, 140 Vitality, 0 Spirit.
    • 300 Strength, 190 Vitality, 0 Spirit.
    • 400 Strength, 90 Vitality, 0 Spirit.

Hybrid Builds:

    • 270 Strength, 120 Vitality, 100 Spirit.
    • 100 Strength, 120 Vitality, 270 Spirit.
    • 185 Strength, 120 Vitality, 185 Spirit.
    • 200 Strength, 90 Vitality, 200 Spirit.
    • 300 Strength, 100 Vitality, 90 Spirit.
    • 90 Strength, 100 Vitality, 300 Spirit.

Important Notes:

This guide is based on Dimer‘s opinions and discussions with main XC.

Players should refer to the Trello link in the video description for specific details on what their moves scale off of.

Builds are flexible. The mentioned ones are mere blueprints.

Resetting stats gives an XP boost until the player returns to the reset level. Hence, players shouldn’t be afraid to reset.

Interaction and discussions with the community are encouraged.

That’s it for this Peroxide Stats Guide Wiki – Best Stats Build & Stat Ranking.

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