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Peroxide Quincy Build Guide – Best Oasis Build

Welcome to the Peroxide Quincy Build guide. In this guide, I’ll detail the Oasis build, which is highly recommended for those who are looking for an efficient, high-impact Quincy setup in Peroxide.

Let’s jump right into it!

Peroxide Quincy Build Guide – Best Oasis Build

1. Move Set Overview:

Racy Downpour:

Gem: Aegis

Effect: Transforms Racy Downpour into a high primer move, ensuring a better chance of activation.

Machine Gun Rush:

Gem: Chain

Effect: When opponents are hit, the damage is chained and passed onto others.

Verizon Cascade:

Gem: Despair

Effect: Restricts the hit enemy from using any moves for a short duration.

Aqua Mirage:

Gem: Equal

Effect: Grants a lifesteal effect, healing Quincy when hitting the enemy.


Gem: (Not specified)

Effect: Marks opponents with red, amplifying all damage dealt to them by 30%. The damage is inflicted once the red mark disappears.

Scatter Image:

Gem: Aegis

Effect: Provides Quincy with hyper armor.


Gem: Spirit

Effect: Reduces skill’s energy cost.

2. Skill Descriptions and Utilization:

Racy Downpour: A primary stunning move. Any opponent caught in its radius gets hit, providing Quincy the opportunity for a follow-up.

Machine Gun Rush: Ideal for pressurizing enemies. It also deals significant damage.

Verizon Cascade: A combo extender. After hitting an opponent, it renders them move-less, allowing Quincy to dominate.

Aqua Mirage: Serves a dual-purpose: pressures opponents and heals Quincy if the clones hit.

Rainmaker: Another combo extender that also marks opponents, increasing damage dealt by 30%.

Scatter Image: Provides Quincy with hyper armor, making him more resilient in combat.

Almighty: A versatile move with a reduced energy cost, thanks to the Spirit gem.

3. Combo Tips:

Initiate with Racy Downpour to stun your opponents.

Chain with Machine Gun Rush to apply pressure and deal initial damage.

Extend your combo using Verizon Cascade.

Apply Aqua Mirage for healing while continuing the assault.

Finish the sequence with Rainmaker to amplify damage.

4. Expert Tips:

You can infinitely stun enemies by chaining the moves effectively.

  • If you ever feel overwhelmed, using Scatter Image can provide a momentary shield to regroup.

The Oasis build for Quincy in Peroxide provides a blend of offense, defense, and healing. By mastering this build, you can ensure that you have the upper hand in most combat situations. Dive in, practice, and dominate your opponents. Peace!

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