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Rumble Heroes is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms, You can do everything with one hand. It is an adventure game developed by PlayHard.Lab. Our Rumble Heroes Guide Wiki will help you learn the basic of Rumble Heroes.

In this Rumble Heroes Guide Wiki, we will tell you about Material Storage, Rift Weekly Reset, Equipment Keywords Guide, and Golden Pig Guide, Also you can visit our Rumble Heroes Tier List page for the Best heroes ranking.

Rumble Heroes Guide Wiki for Beginner Players & Best Team

Material Storage

Material storage buildings can be built at the main town every 10 lvls (?) to increase your storage limit up to 1250.

While camping this limit is increased up to 1875 at max lvl and you get the 50% bonus from premium camp over the material cap (if you had 850 meat and got 1000, you will get the extra 50% for 500 for a total of 2350 meat).

Exchanging grassland marbles or slime dungeons do not give materials if you are at max, but boss and world chests do (if you are at 1250 and open a 300 meat chest you get to 1550)

So basically with chests and time, you can get to 9999 materials (maybe more, not sure on max physical cap)

Rift Weekly Reset

Each week you get rewards based on your position in your ranking group and start a new week ranking.

With each new ranking, ALL your blue shards are removed, you keep your red shards, and you are sent back some rifts (someone said half of your previous max rank, I got sent from 31 to 16, so it kinda makes sense) and all your bonuses on the completed rifts are rerolled, so you will probably need to reroll previous rifts again.

You can reroll your bonuses by completing the rift again or using reroll tickets awarded every week depending on your ranking position or bought with gems (preferably used to reroll high-level rifts you cannot auto)

Rumble Heroes Equipment Guide

ATK: boosts your dmg, can be flat boost (12) or percentage based (4%)

HP: boosts your hitpoints (health) can be flat boost (36) or percentage based (4%)

Crit: improves your crit rate by a percentage (3% means you deal critical damage on 3 out of 100 attacks)

Crit Dmg: improves your damage when landing a critical hit by a percentage.

Fixed Damage Reduction: reduces the damage you take (4 means if you would be hit for 200 dmg you get hit for 196 dmg)

Damage Reduction Rate: reduces the damage you take by a % (4 means if you would be hit for 200 dmg you get hit for 192 dmg instead)

Cooldown: reduces the cooldown on heroes skills (if you add 50% cooldown and a skill can be cast every 2 seconds, now it can be cast every second)

EVA: short for evasion. Gives your hero a chance to take 0 damage from an attack. (2% evasion means you take 0 damage from 2 out of 100 attacks)

Lifesteal: your heroes heal a % of the damage they deal (6% life steal means if your hero hits for 1000 dmg it will heal 60 hp)

Each piece of equipment can have 4 rarities, similar to heroes (grey, blue, purple, orange) each determines the number of keywords the equipment will have apart from its main stat (0, 1, 2 or 3).
The Main weapon, offhand, and cape have a main stat of ATK. Helmet, armour and boots have a main stat of HP.

Each keyword can have 4 rarities each one corresponding to a higher value (grey cooldown can be 1%, blue 2%, etc..). Values may vary with equipment lvl and rarity.

Best stats to look for on the endgame, when you have heroes strong enough to survive are:
Attack % which helps you to clear higher rifts.
Crit also to get higher dmg and clear faster.
Lifesteal, since it provides survivability which scales off your dmg and attack speed bonuses (also you can switch healers for more dps heroes)
ASPD, since it improves dmg input and healing, via skills or lifestyle
Crit dmg (?) helps with dmg but not as useful as others (a 4% crit dmg increase supposing 50% critrate, which might be impossible to get, translates only as 2% overall dmg increase)

Cooldown, as more skills usually mean more dmg

“Bad late game stats”
HP, Damage Reduction, EVA, since rifts scale a lot on hp, but not much in dmg at some point you can sustain well enough without a huge amount of health.

Rumble Heroes Golden Pig Guide:

How to beat the golden pig in time

Every day you can kill the golden pig for gold over 60 seconds. It deals no damage and it only takes 1 dmg per attack and has a lot of crowd control so that it is hard to hit him.

It starts at lvl 1 and gives 150 gold, after completing each level you can challenge next lvl for a +25 gold bonus from the previous lvl, at a current max of lvl 5 with 250 gold per day.
Unlike dungeons, failing to kill it does not consume your daily attempt, so don’t be shy to try the maximum lvl you can afford.

Since it always takes 1 dmg, a good strategy is to bring a team stacked with dots (damage over time) attacks, such as poison, burn and bleed.
A powerful and budget composition to defeat it would be:

Boomerang Ray, Cannon Waldo, Elemental Lisa, Blind Matilda, Flame Sword Giselle: as your Burn hero.

Mr.Forge, Dark Kiara or Brave Uva: as your Poison Hero.

Skull Pop, Shadow Isaac, Big-Sickle Jennifer, Ego Sword Polly: as your Bleed hero.

Feather Corbin, Shotgun Gupi, Double Gun Mary, Espee Laura, Lance Pico, and White Evelyn: as your multiple-hit heroes.

Calm Foe: his skill “Tranquility” makes your team immune to the pig CC so you spend more time attacking and less walking.

Dancer Maya: her skill “Dance of Bravery” increases your team’s attack speed.

Rumble Heroes Tips – Meat Farming and Event

Rumble Heroes Cherry Blossom farming tips:

– Killing monster won’t give you cherry blossoms, only chop woods and mine ores will give you cherry
– Best place to farm cherry fast? Contaminated Forest and Shadow Forest

VS Desert Boss

What I’m actually trying to show here is that you can dodge the boss’ burrow attack by getting close to it.

You can also get one of your units be dragged by its roll attack since that attack doesnt hurt that much. When one of your units is kidnapped by the roll attack, manually control your party and go towards where the boss rolls. Then stop moving when the boss stops.

That should put that one unit in the boss melee range and it will burrow far away from your party in its next burrow attack.

Land of Ghosts

Total cost to access all the bosses in the Land of Ghosts.

Total cost to access all the bosses in the Land of Ghosts.

NOTE: This route is for farming repeatable quests and PINK ARROW is also optimal for Camping EXP and Elites.

How to Earn Coins in Rumble Heroes

– Trade in Grassland Marbles
– Gold production camp
– Coin slimes across the map (respawn able)
– Treasure chests (25 a day)
– Dungeon map (requires entry pass)
– Treasure map (requires entry pass)
– Slime habitat map (requires entry pass)
– Golden Pig (requires entry pass)
– Completing ghostland stages (repeatable)
– Progressing through the tower of trials
– Free 2 X 20 coins in the shop (daily refresh)

Just a reminder for new players

Before you open your 25 chests ensure you have reached your cap for meat/wood. If your cap is 1000 and you open a chest for 300 meat this gets added ontop of your maximum. This is how you can level up your crystal/gold farmers in the village which normally need more resources than your cap

Rumble Heroes Meat Farming

When farming meat for best results ensure you are at very low/zero to start with. When you camp you will get 50% extra resources by the time you finish.

So if your cap is 1000 meat and it takes you 10 mins to farm 1000 meat then you will get 500 extra meat. You have 60 mins a day worth of camp time so utilise this time wisely.

Try not to afk too long past the time you reach your cap

It starts slow but leveling up your crystal farmer in your village is best way to get crystal ore

Ensure you level up all your heroes! Their passive bonus boosts all your heroes even when not in use!

Best way to roll for legendaries is 100 gold each time, dont rush to spend all your gold, makee sure it worth your while

3 x 100 gold roll is typically reserved for when you pull 3 legendaries

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