Rush Royale Boreas Executioner Deck for Arena 7 to Arena 13

Rush Royale Boreas Executioner Deck:- Hi guys, we are back with another Rush Royale Boreas Deck guide and This time we will show you Rush Royale Boreas Executioner Deck which is currently working very well in rush royale Arena 7+.

Since Plague Doctor and Chemist got nerf in recent February balance update 2021, so many players switched their Plague Doctor and Chemist with new card Executioner & Hequilin and now mid-tier players using this new meta Boreas Executioner Deck instead of old Boreas Chemist Plague Doctor Deck ( Check Out Here: old Boreas Chemist Plague Doctor Deck )

so now come and let’s take a look at this Rush Royale Boreas Executioner Deck for Arena 7 to Arena 13 guide.

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Rush Royale Boreas Executioner Deck for Arena 7 to Arena 13

Vampire Bombardier Boreas Executioner Deck

  • Boreas
  • Vampire
  • Bombardier
  • Executioner
  • Harlequin

Boreas Executioner Deck Tips:

This Boreas Executioner Deck is a very good trophy pushing in Rush Royale. This deck is very effective in PvP mode because of the new card Executioner.

The executioner is incredibly OP in PvP mode if you have boreas because he has Good attack speed so more chances for the instant kill at max level.

If you don’t have Boreas in Your card collection, I will recommend you to use Wind Archer with Executioner and Keep in mind that Executioner doesn’t add instant kill chance to units on four neighboring tiles like Hex so you can put too many Executioner next to each other.

That’s all guys and I hope you found this Rush Royale Vampire Boreas Executioner Deck for Arena 7+ helpful. stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the Rush Royale

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