Rush Royale Engineer Deck: Vampire Engineer Ice Mage Deck

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hi guys, today we will talk about Rush Royale Engineer Deck which includes Chemist, Vampire, Engineer, Ice Mage, and Portal Keeper. This engineer deck is shared by _ReynR. I hope this deck will to win in Rush Royale and you will find success with this engineer deck so come and take a look at this guide in detail.

Rush Royale Engineer Deck

Rush Royale Engineer Deck for Arena 8+

  • Chemist

  • Vampire

  • Engineer

  • Ice Mage

  • Portal Keeper

Tips for this Rush Royale Engineer Deck:

  1. Try having only one Portal Keeper in the field since they don’t do much damage and their only use is to connect Engineers with each other.

  2. Never level up (in-game) the Portal Keeper since the level-ups don’t increase his damage that much and he is not a damage type unit.

  3. When it comes to levelling up in-game I would suggest prioritising Chemist and Engineer, for more damage and armour reduction.

  4. Plan your layout depending on the boss you have to fight. (see below how to deal with each boss)

  5. When it comes to maxing a level of a unit (in-game) I would suggest trying to max the Chemist, the armour reduction really does wonders against bosses but also normal enemies.

  6. Don’t panic merge! If you see that enemies are over-running you, choose to merge Portal Keeper units and Vampire units first since they don’t deal a lot of damage.

Tips for Rush Royale Chemist in general:

  1. You really only need one Chemist unit on the field, especially at the beginning of the game. After the first boss, maybe two Chemists, (or one merge rank 2) can be enough to debuff all the enemies in time. (If you are getting to late game, consider trying to get a higher merge rank)

  2. The Chemist unit is especially good against bosses, so before fighting a boss, try to have one on the field. If you are fighting Tribunal (the boss that kills half your units) try having either 2 Chemist units, or to be even safer, try having a merge-rank-2 Chemist unit to be 100% that you will have armour reduction when fighting the boss.

That’s all guys and I hope you found this Rush Royale Engineer Deck helpful. Thanks to _ReynR again for sharing this deck guide with Rush Royale Community. stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the Rush Royale

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