Rush Royale Wind Archer Deck 2024 April

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Today, Hy3rion is presenting his Wind Archer Deck deck that he used to reach Arena 9 in Rush Royale for the first time. This Rush Royale Wind Archer Deck is highly powerful, and the Wind Archer is a wonderful unit that works well with  Plague Doctor and Chemist.

So now Come and Let’s take a look at these Top 3 Wind Archer Deck Rush Royale Arena 9

Wind Archer Deck Rush Royale Arena 10

Wind Archer Deck Rush Royale Arena 9

  • Wind Archer
  • Plague Doctor
  • Chemist
  • Vampier
  • Ice Mage

This Wind Archer Deck is now one of Arena 9 most popular F2P decks. Ice Mage will assist you in winning the match by slowing down monsters after the 2nd – 3rd Boss.

In the early game, try to level up your vampire to at least level 4, as you will require more mana to summon cards later in the match. 

When Vampier reaches level 4, try to place two or three Rank 3 Wind Archers on the board and support them with Plague Doctor and Chemist.

That’s all guys and I hope you found this Rush Royale Vampire Wind Archer for Arena 10+ helpful. stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the Rush Royale

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