The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List 2024

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Hi guys, today I am going to show you The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes 2024 List, Food is very important in The Legend of Neverland because it gives you temporary buff and stats for the duration. There are two types of cooking recipes in the Legend of Neverland: Self-Eat Dish and Flower Fairy Upgrade Dish. The procedure is the same; all you have to do is open the cooking skill from wherever you are and explore dishes. It will be added to the production list once you have unlocked a new dish.

So let’s come and take a look at out The Legend of Neverland Food Recipes List Wiki

The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List

The Legend of Neverland Cooking Recipes List 2024 Wiki

  • Fried Egg: x1 Egg, x1 Salt | Crit +300
  • Fried Rice with Shrimp: x4 Egg, x4 Rice, x4 Shrimp | Hero EXP +1450
  • Fried Onion Rings: x5 Wheat, x5 Onion, x5 Salt | Block +600
  • Fried Rice with Mushroom: x4 Mushroom, x4 Carrot, x4 Rice | Crit +600
  • Mushroom Stew: x4 Mushroom, x4 Milk, x4 Black Pepper
  • Baked Mushroom: x2 Mushroom, x2 Salt, x2 Water | Block +300
  • Barley Tea: x3 Barley, x3 Salt, x3 Water | Crush +300
  • Roasted Potato: x3 Potato, x3 Salt | Hero EXP +150
  • Gruel: x2 Barly, x3 Wheat, x2 Water | Hero EXP +230
  • Chocolate Milk: x2 Milk, x3 Chocolate Material, x2 Sugar | Hero EXP +850
  • Mixed Fried Rice: x5 Egg, x5 Potato, x5 Rice | Attack +150
  • Corn Flake: x4 Corn, x4 Milk, x4 Salt | Resistance +300
  • Popcorn: x6 Corn, x6 Milk, x6 Butter | Pierce +300
  • Boiled Corn: x1 Corn, x1 Salt, x1 Water | Hero EXP +100
  • Corn Porridge: x3 Corn, x4 Milk, x3 Water | Hero EXP +310
  • Steamed Dumplings: x4 Wheat, x4 Meat, x4 Salt | Pierce +600
  • Strawberry Milk: x3 Milk, x2 Strawberry, x2 Sugar | Hero EXP +600
  • Vegetable Soup: x2 Milk, x2 Celery, x2 Carrot | Hero EXP +400
  • Onion Soup: x2 Black Pepper, x3 Onion, x2 Fresh Cheese | Hero EXP +480
  • Tomato Macaroni: x4 Wheat, x4 Onion, x4 Tomato | Resistance +600
  • Fried Food Platter: x3 Celery, x3 Carrot, x3 Bacon | Crush +600
  • Fried Shrimp: x3 Egg, x3 Wheat, x4 Shrimp | Hero EXP +1150
  • Steamed Pork Ribs with Potatoes: x5 Potato, x5 Meat, x5 Salt | Attack +300
  • Fried Pork Chop: x5 Egg, x5 Wheat, x5 Meat | Crit +1000
  • Matcha Chicken Wing: x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Salt | Block +1000
  • Stewed Chicken with Wine: x2 Chicken Wing, x2 Thyme, x2 Red Wine | Crush +1000
  • T-Bone Steak: x3 Meat Chunk, x3 Thyme, x3 Salt

This is The Legend of Neverland Food Recipes List and I hope you will find it useful, Stay tuned to TheClashify.

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