Top 10 Best Arena 14 Deck 2023 (Serenity Peak Arena Deck)

Looking for Clash Royale Best Arena 14 Deck 2023? In this guide, we have shared a bunch of popular clash royale decks used by pro players and big YouTubers like Orange Juice, Sirtag, etc. You might have seen so many people using Hog, and Pekka Deck because These cards are very popular in Arena 14 and I recommend you to use only those decks that suit your playstyle.

You can also use these decks in Arena 14 Deck. So come and take a look at this guide.

Hogs Best Arena 14 Deck 2023

Holiday Hogs Challenge Decks with Mother Witch

This Hog Rider deck is good for those people who got stuck in Arena 14 and want to go high on the ladder, You can use this Earthquake Hog Mother Witch Deck in arena 14 and This will surely help you to get out of Clash Royale Arena 14

In this Earthquake Hog Mother Witch Deck, Earthquake is a good support card,  you can use it against your opponent if they have a building like a bomb tower to kite your hogs. You should mainly use the earthquake with Hog Rider, Archer, Knight, and Bomb Tower as your main defensive weapon against tanks, balloons, hog rider, etc.

Battle Pekka Best Arena 14 Deck 2023

Best Clash Royale Decks 2021May Meta

This is a Pekka bridge spam deck that needs no explanation because This Pekka deck very good for Arena 14, Arena 15, Leauge 1, 2,3, and so on, In Arena 14 you will so many people using this deck, which is a very popular deck in clash royale, so many pro players use this deck in challenges and get 12 wins in grand challenge very easily.

This is the main reason we included this Pekka Bridge Spam Deck in Our Best Arena 14 Deck List.

Pekka is the primary defence and wins condition of this deck and we have Bandit, Electro Wizard, and Magic Archer to support your Pekka with the help of poison.

Your bridge spam units are battle ram, bandit, and even the Royal Ghost, all these can be used aggressively at the bridge to apply pressure to your opponent and force them to respond.

you protect your magic archer throughout the match and always use his long-range to your advantage Continue Reading »

Golem Rascals Hideout Arena Deck

This Golem Deck is perfect for Arena 14 players but It is quite an expensive deck. If you are planning to use this Golem Deck in Arena14, you should play with very patience.

In the early stage, all you need to do is find out what deck your opponent is using and what his counters to your cards are and mostly play defensive and only counter-push. (Or you can place your golem at the back if you know the opponent can’t punish you for doing that).

If he uses the Inferno Tower to counter the Golem, don’t use the Golem until Double Elixir Time because Golem + Lighting is very expensive

Note: If you are playing against Hog Decks, Miner Decks, or Goblin Barrel Decks, Always, You have to activate your King Tower using Tornado.

Mother Witch Best Arena 14 Deck 2023

Holiday Hogs Challenge Decks with Mother Witch

This Clash Royale Royal Hogs Hunter Mother Witch Deck has a 63.1% Win Rate, In this Arena 14 deck, The hunter and mini Goblin Cage are two great defensive units that are capable of handling hog riders, ram raiders, giants, golems, and Heal spirit is a great cycle card but more importantly, it’s a great support card for the Royal Hogs, Mother Witch or hunter.

That’s it for this guide. you can also check our Best Arena 16 Deck and Clash Royale Meta Decks

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