Top 5 Rush Royale Best Cards 2024

Hi guys, Today I am going to show you 5 Rush Royale Best Cards & Best Decks for F2P. This will help you to win more matches in game and you can easily push your trophies with these 5 cards & the best decks if you use them in the correct way.

When we talk about cards in Rush Royale, so many people say that you need legendary cards to win matches because Legendary Cards are more powerful full. Yes, they are powerful but the truth is that you do not need legendary matches to win matches and there are plenty of alternatives to them Like Engineer, Bombardier, Vampire, Sentry, Wind Archer, Thunderer, Crystalmanser, Plague Doctor, etc.

So, in this article, we have listed the Top 5 Rush Royale Best Cards below, after trying out the best possible ones.

Top 5 Best Rush Royale Best Cards List

  1. Engineer
  2. Plague Doctor
  3. Bombardier
  4. Vampire
  5. Sharpshooter

You can find all these 5 Cards in the Chests, or buying with Golds in Shop.

1.) Engineer

Rush Royale Best Cards

The Engineer is an Epic card in Rush Royale and you can unlock him at 900 Trophies from trophy road. He is the perfect DPS card in the game, and everyone uses this card around 1250 to 2000 trophies rage.

If you are in Arena 5 or above this card should be a must in your deck. This card comes in the Top Tier List of rush royale. Engineer is a very good card for Arena 7 and Arena 8 players.

2.) Plague Doctor

Rush Royale Plague Doctor

Plague Doctor is an Epic card in Rush Royale and you can unlock him at 1850 Trophies from trophy road, he’s pretty good in PvP mode. He’s not good in Coop.

Plague Doctor works like Poison, he deals damage to all monsters passing through it, basically, he is an area of damage card. The Plague Doctor is a powerful damage unit that attacks the first enemy it sees. Targets are infected by his attacks. They die and leave a cloud behind that harms everyone who goes through it. With each merge rank, the trap’s damage rises.

Rush Royale Plague Doctor Decks

  • Plague Doctor, Engineer, Portal Keeper, Vampier, Bombardier


3.) Bombardier

Rush Royale Best Cards

Bombardier is a Common card in Rush Royale and you can unlock him at 1650 Trophies from trophy road, Bombardier is the best Coop card, he will help you in every stage of the game.  Bombardier has the ability to stun a boss or monsters.

Bombardier is a very good supporting card if you have an Inquisitor Legendary card in your card collection.

Bombardier does target the first unit in a wave, it will target the NEXT unit in a wave as soon as it has stunned the first unit. Bombardier can let you kill Bedlam BEFORE it has the chance to ruin your board.

4.) Vampire


Rush Royale Vampire Card

The vampire is an epic card in Rush Royale and you can unlock him at Arena 5. Vampire bites the target and gives you mana, this card is very for generating extra for your advantage. This is the best card of rush royale for Arena 7 and Arena 8 Players

Vampire Generates 10 Mana at max level.


Rush Royale Sharpshooter

5.) Sharpshooter

Sharpshooter is a rare card and you can unlock him at 1750 Trophies from trophy road, Sharpshooter is a good choice for F2P.

Sharpshooter does massive damage at max level. You can use him in both PvP and Coop and If you use sharpshooter in your deck keep in mind that he only attacks max health monster.

Sharpshooter is good for Arena 4, Arena 5 players.

6.) Sentry

The Sentry is a rare unit that attacks the first target. His damage gradually increases in 10% increments to a maximum. As a damaged unit the merge rank only increases the attack speed by: Attack speed/merge rank. For example, a merge rank 3 hits three times faster than a merge rank 1.

Rush Royale Best Beginner Deck

If you are in arena 2 or arena 3 I will recommend you to play with Archer / Poisoner / Lightning Mage / Fire Mage / Ice Mage Deck. This deck is very good for low-level arena players.

Rush Royale Decks Arena 3

If you have an Engineer in your card collection, you can replace it with Poisoner.

Rush Royale Vampire Plague Doctor Bombardier Deck

Rush Royale Vampire Plague Doctor Bombardier Deck Card Roles:

Vampire: At the beginning of the game you always want either 2 stages 1 Vampire or 1 stage 2 vampire. In addition, you also want to make sure you have at least 1 zealot before leveling up a vampire. The vampire is fantastic mana acceleration which helps speed the deck up and powers up zealot.

Rush Royale Engineer Deck without Legendary Cards for Mid Arena Players.

Rush Royale Engineer Deck

Tips for this Rush Royale Engineer Deck:

Try having only one Portal Keeper in the field since they don’t do much damage and their only use is to connect Engineers with each other.

Never level up (in-game) the Portal Keeper since the level-ups don’t increase his damage that much and he is not a damage type unit.

When it comes to leveling up in-game I would suggest prioritizing Chemist and Engineer, for more damage and armor reduction.

Don’t panic merge! If you see that enemies are over-running you, choose to merge Portal Keeper units and Vampire units first since they don’t deal a lot of damage.