Cookie Run Ovenbreak Guide 2024 (UPDATED)

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Hi guys, welcome to our Cookie Run Ovenbreak Guide 2024, In this Cookie Run Ovenbreak Guide 2024, we will show you Cookie Run Ovenbreak Tips, Cookie skills, Pets, Treasures, and much more.

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You should always buy the Cookie Run Ovenbreak special cookie chest if you want a certain cookie (good for levelling up). You can choose 2 (or double up one) cookies, which get an extra chance of getting pulled. However, special cookie chests only give cookies that are listed (including the ones you chose), and no other epic cookies. If you want an all around boost, you should buy the supreme chest.

You can get epic cookies in the gold chests in Champion’s league. If you are grinding, it might be worth it to spend the 100 crystals to restart the timer for the epic cookies & spirit potions.

You should use most spirit potions on cookies instead of pets.

Magic candy is very important. It could even be argued that they are more important that levelling up the cookie itself.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Cookies can be classified by the distance they travel – long and short distance. Most cookies are short / mid-distance. Long-distance cookies can reach one extra health potion compared to other cookies, which is useful in some maps. However, long distance cookies usually gain less points with their skill compared to other cookies in their rank.

There are different types of cookie skills, adn each of them have important properties you should know about.

  • Special UI with jump button
    (Examples include Aloe, Shining Glitter, Birthday Cake)
    These cookies have skills which occupy the jump button for a certain action. These will usually be able to attract jellies with wings.
  • Special UI
    (Examples include Butter Pretzel, Time Keeper, Sourbelt)
    These cookies have skills which either contains the slide button or neither at all, only having to move the cookie. These will usually not be able to attract winged jellies. Legendary cookies are an exception. They will attract winged jellies no matter what.
  • No (or Limited) UI
  • (Examples include Popcorn, Cream Puff, Pirate)
    These cookies activate their skills while running normally. They might have fall protection or no death when health bar is empty while the skill is active.
  • Destruction Skills
  • (Examples include Scorpion, Werewolf)
    These cookies have skills specially designed to destroy obstacles, and is one of the hardest cookies to play. It’s a good idea to invest in these cookies if they are released as they will never truly fall out of the meta as long as some Champions League maps have a large amount of obstacles.
  • Relay Cookies
    (examples include Cinnamon, Lobster, Ginseng)
    These cookies usually have revive as their magic candy effect. Their skills are usually instantaneous and happen often. They are good cookies to invest in as they will be used as relay for a while and won’t be easily replaced like scoring cookies.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Guide 2022 March

Much like cookies, you should buy special pet chests if you want to level up a particular pet. Otherwise, Supreme.
Crystals should be mainly used on pet chests or treasure draws.

Usually, cookies should take priority before pets. However, if the pet is health-related, it might be helpful to level up the pet to max while the cookie stay on level 13-14.

It is very important that you have a combi pet! Your cookie won’t be able to run at its full potential without it.

Pet skills vary much more than cookies. It could even be argued that pet skills are more unique than cookie skills. However, they can be classified into these groups:

Normal Scoring

These pets are pure scoring pets. They perform a certain action to give more points.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Health Pets

These pets manipulate health in a certain way, either by giving potions, regenerating health, slowing down the health or stopping the health bar entirely.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Item Pets

These pets either give boosts or the giantify item, or a variation of these two.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Revival pets

These pets revive your cookie when fallen. Some even revive your relay.
Note that many pets are a combination of these classification, such as A.L.O.E drone, which gives points and gives potions.

Health and Revival pets are most often used in Special Breakout 2, where jelly scores don’t matter much.

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Pet rarities

Pet rarities matter much less than cookies, as their skills are very unique. However, there are some builds where legendary pets are combined with epic cookies instead of their combi pet to get better scores.

Always get the special treasure draw. Treasures don’t get buffed as intensely as cookies, so it’s always a better choice to invest in the new (or relatively new) treasure.
The treasure you use does not matter as much as the cookie you use, as treasures don’t really get nerfed or fall out of being good as fast as cookies and pets do. It’s not a matter of ‘which treasure should I use’ but a matter of having a fully maxed treasure in the first place.

There are 3 types of Cookie Run Ovenbreak treasures:

Scoring – Treasures that give you extra points

Speed – Treasures that give you extra speed (by a constant speed boost or boost jellies), allowing you to travel further and reach another health potion.

Health – Treasures that give you health / revive you, allowing you to travel further, reach another health potion and activate your skill once more.

You should focus on leveling up speed & health treasures, as they are required in many builds. Scoring treasures can be replaced by another scoring, while health and speed cannot.

Some important treasures to level up are:

  • Perfect Treasure Map (Score, Speed & Health)
  • Divine Aurora Extract Flask (Last Blast. Speed/Health?)
  • Lollipop skate (Speed)
  • Winged jelly of resurrection (Health, revival)
  • Red egg of resurrection (Health, revival & Last Blast)

X-tra hot turbo engine is low priority as the speed doesn’t increase with level,
only the score.

It’s important to enhance treasures when maxed, as you will get significantly more points.
If in a build, there’s a scoring treasure you do not have, you can easily use an alternative. While you will get less points, it’s much better than using the underleveled treasure.

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