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Roblox Decaying Winter Tier List September 2023 ( Best Perk )

Hi guys, Welcome to our Decaying Winter Perk Tier List, In this guide, we will show you Best Perk in the game. There are so many types of perks in the game like Basic Perks (Circle border), Generalist Perks (Square Border), Frontline Perks (Hexagon Border), and Backline Perks (Diamond Border),

Basic Perks are those perks that have no abilities, Generalist Perks (Square Border) are those perks that are based around supporting the team, Frontline Perks (Hexagon Border) are those perks that are around being offensive in the frontlines and Backline Perks (Diamond Border) are those perks that are meant to stay back and deal with enemies from afar.

Decaying Winter Perk Tier List Wiki (Best Perk)

Decaying Winter Perk Tier List 2022 ( Best Perk )

Decaying Winter Best Perk Tier List


Carving a path through relentless battles, you believe that survival is to overcome anything alone, no matter the odds.”

Ability: Calamity Serum (Berserker’s Stim)

  • Upon injection, gain increased attack damage, speed, and bloodlust.
  • Duration increased on kills and parries.
  • Fatigue on end.


  • Increased melee damage.
  • Increased resistances to damage. (~15% increased defense)
  • Unable to be Grappled.


  • Heavily reduced recoil control.
  • Heavily reduced hipfire accuracy.
  • Scavenge less ammo.

“The brawn, and undoubtedly the one that will finish every last one of those scum.”Berserker is SS Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“Through the art of experience, you believe that self perseverance is the strongest motivator to survival.”

Ability: ARTIK-NCU Device

  • Fire an energised nanite-charged bolt that can save lives.
  • Teammates hit will receive the Lazarus buff and Enemies hit will be Shocked.

Two Charges.

(Buffs applied: ARTIK-NCU (Lazarus Buff) Painkillers )


  • Increased max health. (+20 HP)
  • Immune to Bleeding.


  • Drops ranged weapons on damage.
  • Slower reloading.
  • Reduced melee damage.

“The beating heart of the team, giving a burst of energy and shutting down the ones that dare to come close to their teammates. Truly, a wonderful example of the selflessness of our field agents.” Lazarus is SS Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“You believe that overwhelming firepower is the only way to survive, to be able to blaze through all odds.”

Ability: TYPE-19 VULKA-MG

  • Arm and wield the high power VULKA Machine Gun.
  • Ammo Pickups will refill VULKA faster.
  • Can only be armed at 50% or more.
  • Designed for sustained fire only.

Cooldown after firing the gun. Spread decreases over time when firing.
(~39% to reach minimum spread.)

1 bullet = 18 damage
1 bullet = 1%


  • Greatly increased hipfire accuracy.
  • Greatly increased recoil control.
  • Unable to be Grappled.


  • Inability to aim ranged weapons.
  • Scavenge much less ammo.

“These guys are a bigger gamble than survivalists, with some of them ranging to blowing through their reserves on the fourth wave, to gods that mow down everything on the final wave.” Risk Runner is SS Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“You believe that taking initiative and setting things straight first is the only way for survival to succeed.”

Ability: Augmentation ‘Knuckleboom’

  • Fire a shotshell blast from your wrist. (45 DMG)
  • Disorientates and damages Enemies – causes user knockback.
  • If timed right, punch the shotshell for more range. (90 DMG)


  • Increased melee damage.
  • Immune to Cripple.
  • Increased max health. (+30 HP)


  • Heavily slower reloading.
  • Heavily reduced hipfire accuracy.

“One of the designated CQC perks, more mobile than Berz, but with less of a burst in strength. Still, they’re solid frontliners.” Arbiter is S Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“You believe you have a job to do and surviving only comes second to accomplishing what is due.”

Ability: Kill-Warrant GPNVG-M42

  • Lower goggles to view information on enemies.
  • Claim and redeem bounties for melee damage and scrap.
  • Receiving attacks will damage goggles.

(Bounties increase your melee damage as long as your goggles are down. Redeeming your bounties gives you 7 salvage per bounty.) The executioner is S Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


  • Increased resistances to damage. (~20% increased defense)
  • Increased max Stamina. (+50 Stamina)
  • Increased Melee swing speed.


  • Heavily reduced hipfire accuracy.
  • Reduced recoil control.


“You believe in the brave and the risk takers who have survived from their commitment – you intend to be a part of that list.”

Ability: ‘Izbucni’ Gift

  • Arm an explosive air-burst payload that causes disorientation and sticks to anything.
  • Hold to detonate.
  • Six Charges.


  • Increased aiming speed.
  • Increased resistances to damage. (~15% increased defense)
  • Immune to Fracture.
  • Immune to Explosives effects.


  • Reduced melee damage.
  • Slower Trap deployment.

Blitzers and has one of the harshest melee damage reductions (excluding damned), next to lazarus and tickspider The only real upside that isn’t situational is increased defense. Blitzer is S Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


There is only one constant to surviving alone – taking matters into your own hands, no matter the costs.”

Ability: Nomad Blade ‘Kira’

  • Swing ‘Kira’ in a slash in-front of you. (75 DMG)
  • Executing Enemies with ‘Kira’ grants 1 Dogtag.
  • Hold to redeem Dogtags for health.

(Tags increase your speed by 10% per tag, up to 10 tags, you also heal for 5 HP per tag when redeeming. You lose half of your tags when taking heavy damage.)


  • Increased Melee swing speed.
  • Faster movement speed.
  • Increased melee damage.


  • Reduced max health. (-15 HP)
  • Reduced defense. (10% decreased defense)

“There are only 2 types of vagabonds, the ones that are running at you at light speeds, and those who are nothing but a morale dispenser.” The Vagabond is S Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“One shot one kill – an art form you believe in, with every shot capable of opening opportunities.”

Ability: M.A.G.N.U.M ‘Impusca Vana’

  • Ready a high calibre revolver before firing. (150 DMG on Headshot, 50 DMG on Bodyshot)
  • Gain a buff and reduces cooldown on Headshot kill.
  • Pierces Resistances.
  • (Grants the buff Deadeye on said headshot kills.)


  • Faster reloading.
  • Increased hipfire accuracy.
  • Scavenge more ammo.


  • Reduced defense. (15% decreased defense)
  • Slower Shoves.

“Good artillerists know of one thing, and that is the Zen required to hit that cross-map shot, and to pull out their gun and hit it in a life or death situation, one thing is for sure, they won’t dare to miss that shot.” Artillerist is A Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“Cursing all as unclean, you firmly stand that the only way to survive is to light a torch to all that is unwelcome.”

Ability: Flamer Unit ‘CHAOS’

  • Immolate everything around you.
  • Hold to prime OV-FT, igniting enemies.
  • More Overheat increases melee damage.
  • Do not fully Overheat.


  • Immune to Burning.
  • Increased melee damage.


  • Inability to aim ranged weapons.
  • Slower reloading.

“A curious one, using the powers they were blessed with to absolutely torch everything alight, and is seemingly empowered by their flames, and this empowerment spreads like wildfire.” Immolator is A Tier Perk in this Decaying Winter Perk Tier List


“You believe that intellect and wits are the only way to truly survive – without planning ahead, others are lost.”

Ability: MD.K1LR-68 Prototype

  • Release a Mindkiller spider in front of you.
  • Will latch onto and convert enemies.
  • Two Charges.


Faster movement speed.
Faster Shoves.
Reduced crafting costs.


Reduced recoil control
Reduced defense (~25% decreased defense)

“Some of the field agents have speculated that the agents carrying this prototype has been a part of an organization trying to replicate the powers of the void, although in a more roundabout way with fewer downsides.”


Trickery and cunningness is what lets you survive on your own terms without relying on others.”

Ability: PARAGON Ticks

  • Throw an explosive Tick in front of you.
  • Ticks will detonate in the presence of nearby Enemies.
  • Hold to enable Seeking.
  • Three Charges.
    (Doesn’t damage Friendlies.)


  • Increased damage with Explosives. (~60%)
  • Faster trap deployment.
  • Increased recoil control.


  • Reduced movement speed.
  • Reduced melee damage.

“This crowd loves their traps and techs, makes sense for a group comprised of mostly more feminine people.”

Decaying Winter Vagabond Perk Guide

Vagabond is a frontline perk and a glass cannon. You move fast and can dispatch enemies quickly, but if you get hit, you have more than your health to lose


Kira is vagabond’s ability. Pressing F will swing Kira, dealing damage to enemies hit

Kira’s defining capabilities are:

+It’s damage is based on the percentage of the ability, ranging from 25 to 65
+It has the biggest range out of any melee weapon and can go through thin walls/corners
+Killing an enemy will grant a dogtag
+Killing an enemy will slice their head off, allowing the sword to continue its way and damage another enemy, in one swing
+If multiple enemies have low enough health, Kira will decapitate all of them if within range.


Dogtags are an unique resource that vagabond gets access to.

Dogtags determine:

+Vagabond’s speed (every dogtag = 10% more movement speed, caps at 10, stacks)
+The amount of percentage of Kira lost per swing (at 7 dogtags, swinging Kira will only cost you 3%, which will go back to 100% during the swing animation)

Dogtags can be lost when taking damage:
+If damage taken is under 15, there is a chance you will lose 1 dogtag
+If damage taken is over 15, half of you dogtags will be removed.
Dogtags can be redeemed by holding F, giving 8 health per dogtag


For vagabond there are 2 main options:

+Ballistic dagger+ Shoving while having this equipped will deal 12 damage to the enemies and give 30 DOT with bleeding
+Koldera black+ Gives the following buffs for 50 seconds:
+Reduces effects of Morale by 33%,
+Gives ~10% defense,
+Gives ~10% melee dmg,
+Gives ~15% movement speed,
+Steadies camera movement

The rest of the auxilaries are not worth mentioning except:

+Tear gas+ Detonates on impact, stuns and disorients enemies, making their accuracy heavily reduced.


Perks that I recommend running are:

+Impatient+ while you could say that you are already fast enough, I’d argue that you should commit to the speedy style of life and just pick this

+Violent tendencies+ To stab with the billhook faster

+Tormented+ Increases life by 15. Useful for surviving and stuff; (Note: NEVER take dependable over tormented. Dependable makes you take 15% less damage = 12.5 more HP, which is smaller than the 15 given by Tormented. The only reason you would want to take it is to increase the amount of damage you can take before losing your dogtags from 15 to 17, which is an incredibly small difference)

+Fearless+ Increases resistance against gunfire/explosives by 25%. Because of the -15 HP and reduced defence that vagabond starts, this is less effective. However, if you’re confident in your ability to deal with melee enemies, this is an objectively better trait then tormented.


I recommend using the AKM here, as the KSG is a shotgun that requires you to be close to the enemy(unless you have gun-related traits). Having Koldera Black can also help with the recoil of the AKM, making it even more effective.

Having a hi-capa for the early game to mid-game is fine but using it during the late game requires quite a bit of skill as the DPS of the arm, especially when holding M1 down, is far bigger.

That’s it for the Perk Tier list of Decaying Winter. You can check out our Anime Showdown Tier List and Roblox Elemental Awakening Tier List 

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