Undertale Tower Defense Trello & Tier List Guide

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Hi Guys, Welcome to our Undertale Tower Defense Trello & Undertale Tower Defense Tier List. This is a tower defence game in which you fight with and against underground monsters with the goal of defending your base from waves of adversaries while also recruiting more monsters to progress to harder zones.

So come and take a look at this Undertale Tower Defense Trello & Tier List. We also have all of the available Da Hood Aim Trainer Codes and Griffin’s Destiny Codes

Undertale Tower Defense Trello (Deltarune Tower Defense Trello)

Game’s currency

In game currency is souls Souls are used for multiple things like opening boxes, reset upgrades, etc

Pacifist mode info

  • You must use the spare meter the entire time
  • Sparing enemies takes 2x as long as attacking them
  • Letting monsters hit the base also counts as sparing
  • Special Monsters abilities do not active when sparing

How to get units in Undertale Tower Defense?

  • You open chests (in game like spins) Also obtained from completing a stage

Note: all special units have a special ability

Info about secret units (read this before asking about secret units)

Secret encounters happen with a 10% chance (in specific waves) in maps where there are 2 different possible encounters. (secret unit encounters only happen on genocide mode)

In case there’s only one possible secret encounter then it’s a 20% chance.

Undertale Tower Tier List (Deltarune Tower Defense Tier List)

Undertale Tower

Undertale Tower Defense Titles

Currently existing titles:

-Underground Tester – Awards a x3 XP boost and is only available for those who tested the game in its early access. Changed to 1.5x exp and souls on release.

-Trello Maker – gives you trello maker status

The End – Awards 1.5x exp and is for those who completed The End in the neutral route.

genocide – Awards 1.5x souls and is for those who beated last corridor

Undertale Tower Defense Skill Tree’s




Undertale Tower Defense Dust Requirements

Each special soul gains dust by attacking enemies.
The dust gained = cooldown x 2

After reaching the requirement, you can then upgrade them.
(Determination is required from the determination skill tree for level 6)
(It’s unknown why there is a level 7 requirement or why it appears in the first place)

There is no cap on the amount of dust a unit can have

30 -> 120 -> 270 -> 480 -> 750 -> 1080

Endless Mode

In this mode you get the In-Game Currency of “Souls” (this excludes true lab) determined in the amount of waves or how much the wave has progressed. Advanced researchers have discovered that this mode, is in fact, endless.

that’s it for this Undertale Tower Defense Trello & Undertale Tower Defense Tier List (Deltarune Tower Defense Trello & Deltarune Tower Defense Tier List). Also. visit our Roblox Game Trello page.

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