How To Get Free Legendary Cards In Rush Royale ( 2023 )

Hi guys, Today I am going to tell you How To Get Free Legendary Cards In Rush Royale. In this article, I will tell you all the ways to get legendary cards for free, but before the start, I want to say that people think that they are losing games because they don’t have any legendary cards in their deck no this is not true ” You don’t need legendary cards to succeed in the game.

Some of the most famous decks in the game don’t have any legendaries in them and the truth is you are losing in-game either your deck is not good or your card levels are too low so start to upgrade your cards or change your deck.

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Now, without any further ado,  let’s talk about our main topic: How To Get Free Legendary Cards In Rush Royale

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You can get a guarantee free legendary card in rush royale from Legend Chest, Trophy Chest IV & Shop.

1.) You can buy Legendary Card with Golds to form the shop

How To Get Free Legendary Cards In Rush Royale ( 2021 )

The first way to get legendary cards in the rush royale for free is by saving the gold,  you get some gold from the wooden chest, steel chest, and other chests, you can save up to 40,000 gold from those chests and once the legendary card of your choice is in the shop, then you can buy it.

2.) You can Get a Free Legendary Card from Legend Chest

This method is very easy to get the free legendary card, You will get 1 Legend Chest from trophy road at 1950 trophies, You will get your 2nd Legend Chest at 3950 trophies. In order to get these legend chests you just need to progress in-game as fast as you can. The more you climb on trophy road more legend chest you get.

You can Get a Free Legendary Card from Legend Chest

I also want to tell you that you can get 2 free Legend chests from the rush royale season free Pass, 1st Legend chest can be obtained at 53 tier and the 2nd legend chest can be obtained at 103 tier.

You can Get a Free Legendary Card from Legend Chest

If you really want legendary cards in rush royale then this method is very cheapest and completely F2P, I would recommend you complete your daily quests to level up in the season pass and start pushing your trophies so that you can get 2 Legendary cards from trophy road and 2 from the free season pass.

3.) Get a legendary card from other chests.

You can get a legendary card from other chests as well but they don’t have as high a chance of containing a legendary card, but there are still ways you can use them to get Legendary cards.

Other Chest 

  • Season Chest: Season chest is also a good way to get a free legendary card, once you reached 4000 trophies in rush royale. You will join the leagues and at the end of every season, you will get a Season chest, and If are lucky enough you can get a legendary from season chest.
  • Enchanted Chest: This chest will be available, when you complete all the levels of the season pass then this Enchanted Chest you will be able to get for every 1000 tokens. This chest has a low probability of containing a legendary card the season chest.

There are two more chests in rush royale that gives you legendary cards ” Master Chest ” and ” Grandmaster Chest “, you can buy these chest from the shop with crystals, master chest costs 600 crystals and Grandmaster Chests cost 2000 crystals. I won’t recommend you to buy these 2 chests but still, if you really want, buy them if you have the money, you can buy them.

That’s all Guys! I hope you all liked reading this How To Get Free Legendary Cards In Rush Royale ( 2023 ) post. Let me know in the comments section If I missed anything or there are few more ways to get legendary cards in rush royale. Also, stay tuned to TheClashify for more info related to the Rush Royale

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