F2P Rush Royale Deck for 4k trophies ( No Legendary Cards )

Aaqib Javed
Aaqib Javed
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Hi guys, we are back with another F2P Rush Royale Deck guide, this rush royale f2p deck guide is shared by u/PR-Thunder. He recently reached 4k trophies in rush royale using, Vampire, Zealot, Plague Doctor, Chemist, and Bombardier

So without further ado, let us take a look at the full depth F2P Rush Royale Deck guide.

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I’m a F2P player and my 2 legendaries (guaranteed at 1950 and 3950 trophies) were hex and demonologist. While those legendaries are very good they need other legendaries to really shine (boreas, harlequin, etc). In my case, I needed to make a deck using epics and lower rarity cards that beat other players using Boreas and other legendaries. Here are some insights on the list.

F2P Rush Royale Deck for 4k trophies ( No Legendary Cards )

Rush Royale Vampire Plague Doctor Bombardier Deck Card Roles:

Rush Royale Vampire Plague Doctor Bombardier Deck Card Roles:

Vampire: At the beginning of the game you always want either 2 stages 1 Vampire or 1 stage 2 vampire. In addition, you also want to make sure you have at least 1 zealot before leveling up a vampire. The vampire is fantastic mana acceleration which helps speed the deck up and powers up zealot.

Zealot: At first I was running engineer but was having a difficult time keeping up with the damage by Boreas and other cards. I wound up replacing engineer with zealot and had to play a bit differently. I noticed that at times it is better to level up zealot since you do more damage overall then if you were holding onto a bit of mana. Where this card really shines is mid/late game when you have a good board set up and a bunch of mana on reserves. This allows you to use up some mana while not using the rest so your zealots can deal more damage.

Plague Doctor: This card is some of the best crowd control in the game. I normally try to have at least 1 on the board early game to clear groups of minions that walk through the poison. These cards really shine at the beginning of round 2 if you have 2 stages 2 plague doctors or 1 stage 3 plague doctor.

Chemist: I have mixed feelings about this card. The armour destruction is fantastic but if I had another legendary that was damage focused I would have swapped out this card. I normally just want one of these on the board as a stage 2 or stage 3 if you get unlucky with combining units.

Bombardier: This is another card that I have mixed feelings about but I still think it deserves the last spot in this list. The stun keeps enemies stunned in the gas set by the plague doctor which gives you insane crowd control. In addition, you can also stun bosses which gives your early game zealots more time to do damage. If your opponent is not playing any cards that stun/slow and both are at one heart you win because you got to stall the boss enough for their boss to reach their gate. Mid/late game I look for either 2 stages 2 bombardiers or 1-2 stage 3 bombardiers.

That’s pretty much the deck. It’s a lot of fun to play since you need to efficiently spend manna and set up aboard. This deck does have a very hard time against Bedlam since 1/5 cards are meant for single target damage. As long as you can dodge Bedlam mid/late game you can contest and fairly consistently beat other players.

If anyone has any questions just leave a comment and I’ll reply! Happy pushing! Also, stay tuned to The Clashify for more info related to the Rush Royale.

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