Haze Piece Level Guide – Max Level and How to Level Up Fast

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Aaqib Javed
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Welcome to Haze Piece Level Guide, In this article we will show you Haze Piece Max Level and How to Level Up Fast in Haze Piece. The game’s player level can reach incredibly high levels, as the producers raise the cap with nearly every update.

Furthermore, when you level up, you can gain skill points that enhance your health and damage. As a result, if players wish to compete against other players, they must level up quickly. So come and take a look at this Haze Piece Level Guide – Max Level and How to Level Up Fast

Haze Piece Level Guide – How to Level Up Fast

1. Key Insight:

Bosses vs. NPCs: Bosses generally grant more XP and rewards than NPCs, making them a more efficient grinding option.

Double XP: Screenshots shown in the video feature doubled XP. If you’re not using a double XP boost, divide the XP values by two for accuracy.

2. Haze Piece Leveling Pathway:

Level 1-60: Start by grinding on the Starter Island. Stick with the initial quest until you reach level 60.

Level 60-120: Move to Buggy Island. The Buggy boss gives significantly more XP than the Bandit boss, making him a prime target for grinding.

Level 120-200: Proceed to Arlong Park and grind the Arlong boss. Despite the island indicating it’s suitable for level 160+, starting at level 120 is more optimal due to the XP yields.

Level 200-250: Advance to the desert island and target the Bomb Boss. Maintain your focus here until reaching level 250.

Level 250-500: Head to Baratie Island. This island is where the leveling becomes a bit more complicated, but your focus should remain on bosses, especially the Bomb Boss, which grants generous XP.

Level 500-600: Your target now is Jungle Island. Start grinding here at level 500 instead of the suggested 450. The quests on this island can be intricate, but a focus on bosses will still yield the best results.

Level 600-750: Transition to Marine Island. Focus on the Axe Man boss and look out for the secret boss (Mace Boss), which requires a special key and lava core to access. This boss also drops a valuable item, the coded mask, which is currently the best accessory for swordsmen.

Level 750-900: Shift your focus to the Minotaur at level 700. This boss will be your prime XP source until level 900 due to its high XP drops.

Level 900-1100: Now, proceed to Marine Ford. Instead of tackling NPCs, directly challenge the Ayukiji boss at level 900. Continue grinding here until level 1100.

Level 1100-1150: Your final stretch will involve confronting and defeating the Enel boss to obtain the coveted Enel boss drops.

3. Events & Exclusive Items:

Krampus Event: With a limited time left for the Krampus event, it’s advised to participate and get the Krampus scythe, a significant event item. Once trading is introduced, this item will be in high demand due to its exclusivity.

That’s it for this Haze Piece Level Guide – Max Level and How to Level Up Fast Tips

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