ZO Samurai Trello & Skins, Private Server Commands Guide

Hi guys, welcome to our ZO Samurai Trello, In this guide, we will tell you about ZO Samurai Private Server Commands and official Trello information about the game.

So come and take a look at this ZO Samurai Trello & Private Server Commands Guide. You can also check our Da Hood Private Server Link and Bad Business Codes

Roblox ZO Samurai Trello

If you’re looking for Trello here’s the link:

ZO Samurai Trello

Roblox ZO Samurai Guide

How do I get the Golden Weapons/How do I donate?

A: There is a well in the spawn that you’re able to donate to (250 being the minimum). Donating will give you access to the Golden Master Alley located near the bell.

How do I obtain special skins? (such as: Crayon, Pencil, Crucible, Energy Blade, etc.)

A: Some special skins are limited, some are given through special events like contests/in-game tournaments, and some are only given by members of Management and the Development team.

How do I use the kill sound gamepass?

A: Use the shop at spawn and click on the kill sound icon, then add a Roblox audio ID into the box. The audio has to be under 15 seconds.

ZO Samurai Private Server Commands 2023

-cmds Shows all usable commands.
-sb Server bans a player.
-unjebus (USERNAME) (doesn’t work rn).
-unsb (USERID) unserver bans a player.
-NOROK (USERNAME) removes ROK from user.
-kick (USERNAME) Kicks target player.
-re Respawns you at your location.
-jebus Auto Respawns you if you die.
-ROK Ragdoll on kick.
-zogame Brings you to a public server.
-rejoin Makes you rejoin.
-region Shows what region you are in.
-respawn Respawns you.
-to (USERNAME) Teleports to target player.
-rag (USERNAME) Ragdolls target player.
-heal (USERNAME) Heals target player.
-bring (USERNAME) Brings a player to you.
-watch (USERNAME) Watches a player.
-unwatch Unwatches a player.
-admin (USERNAME)
-time (NUMBER)

That’s it for this ZO Samurai Trello & Skins, Private Server Commands Guide. Also, read – Roblox Game Trello page.

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