Slayer Legend Relic Guide 2024 – Upgrade, Enhance, Buff

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Welcome to our Slayer Legend Relic Guide 2024, In this Slayer Legend Relic Guide, we will tell you about How To Get & Enhance Relics In Slayer Legend and a complete list of Relics. Relics are highly useful items that allow players to boost various stats and enhance their gameplay.

Relics can enhance special stats like different elemental damages, as well as regular stats. However, initially, the Relic tab will be locked, and players must defeat the Stage 60 Boss (Land of Orc North III) to unlock it.

To obtain Relics in Slayer Legend, players need to summon them from the Shop. Once the Relic tab is unlocked, players can open the Shop screen and navigate to the Relic tab under Summon. It’s important to note that in order to summon relics from the shop, players must have already cleared Stage 60.

Relics are the most expensive items available for summoning in the game and require diamonds as the currency. Players can obtain one relic for 500 diamonds or 11 relics for 5,000 diamonds.

It is recommended to spend 5,000 diamonds to get 11 relics since it includes an additional relic, providing better value for the diamonds spent. The probability of obtaining each relic is equal, meaning players have an equal chance to acquire any of the 12 available relics.

Slayer Legend Relic Guide 2024 – Upgrade, Enhance, Buff

Relics in Slayer Legend are obtained through summoning from the Shop’s Relic tab. Players must unlock the Relic tab by defeating the Stage 60 Boss, and then they can spend diamonds to summon relics and enhance various stats in the game.

Slayer Legend Relic Guide – List of Buffs

Strength Gloves Extra DMG 70
Hunter’s Eye CRIT Dmg 70
HP Ring Extra HP 70
Recovery Totem Extra HP Recovery 70
Bracelet of Speed ATK SPD 50
Lucky Pendent Monster Defeat Gold 70
Focus Ring Accuracy Rate 70
Invisible Cloak Dodge Rate 70
Silence Flame Fire DMG 70
Abyss’s Water Drop Water DMG 70
Eye of Typoon Waind DMG 70
Emperor Ring Earth DMG 70

How To Enhance Relics In Slayer Legend

To enhance relics in Slayer Legend, players need to first obtain the relics from the Shop by summoning them using diamonds.

Once a relic is obtained, the “Enhance” button in front of the relic becomes available for tapping. However, it’s important to note that if the enhance button is initially unresponsive and shows “0/1,” it means the player has not yet obtained that specific relic from the Shop.

Players need to collect enough diamonds and summon relics from the Shop to acquire them. The summoned relics will then have the enhance button highlighted, allowing players to tap on it and level up the respective relic.

Slayer Legend Soul Relic Guide

Each relic has an “Enhance Success Rate,” indicating the chance of successfully upgrading the relic. It’s important to be aware that there is a possibility of enhancement failure, and the success rate gradually decreases with each enhancement. The maximum level for most relics is 70, except for the “Bracelet of Speed,” which can reach level 50.

As for which relic to enhance first, it is recommended to enhance whichever relic is obtained first. Since players cannot choose which relic they receive from the Shop, it is best to enhance a relic as soon as it is acquired.

In summary, players can enhance relics in Slayer Legend by summoning them from the Shop using diamonds and then tapping on the enhance button in front of the obtained relics.

The success rate for enhancement decreases with each upgrade, and players should focus on enhancing the relics they obtain.

That’s it for this Slayer Legend Relic Guide – Upgrade, Enhance, Buff

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