Slayer Legend Soul Weapon Guide – Ranking, Farm, Equip

Welcome to our Slayer Legend Soul Weapon Guide, In this article we will tell you about Slayer Legend Soul Weapon and their ranking. Soul Weapons are in great demand since they significantly increase the player’s attack (ATK) stat. Unlike other weapons that raise ATK by a percentage, Soul Weapons add a significant amount of ATK straight.

To obtain a Soul Weapon, players must first acquire a Soul Weapon blueprint. These blueprints are rewarded for defeating the bosses in the final stages of each region, starting with the “Black Forest” region.

For example, by defeating the boss in stage 80 (Depths of Roaring Forest V), players receive the blueprint for the first Soul Weapon called “Innocence.” As players progress and conquer higher stages, they can obtain blueprints for more powerful Soul Weapons such as “Coolness,” “Desire,” “Effort,” “Patience,” and “Hatred.”

If you want to Craft a Soul Weapon then you will need a special item called Soul. 4 types of souls in Slauer Legend: Green Soul, Blue Soul, Red Soul, and White Soul.

You can check their current amount of each soul type at the top of the Soul Weapon screen. The required soul type varies for different Soul Weapons. Green Soul, Blue Soul, and Red Soul can be obtained by defeating enemies in specific regions.

Green Soul drops in the Black Forest and Forgotten Castle regions,

Blue Soul in the Red Mountain and Frozen Wood regions,

Red Soul in the Land of Desire and Land of Hate regions.

By auto-farming in the corresponding regions, players can collect souls by allowing their character to defeat enemies automatically. The collected souls will be randomly obtained from the defeated enemies. Then, players can tap the “Move” button in front of any stage name to switch to that region instantly.

Slayer Legend Soul Weapon Guide – Ranking

Zone Soul Weapon Stage Atk Soul
Innocence 80 6,300 2,000
Coolness 100 9,750 9,000
Desire 120 14,699 28,000
Effort 140 33,600 75,000
Patience 160 72,000 88,800
Hatred 180 96,000 109,200
Dignity 200 144,000 375,000
Agony 220 182,400 450,000
Joy 240 230,400 525,000
Rage 260 250,560 1,875,000
Condolence 280 309,120 2,250,000
Yearning 300 375,000 2,625,000
Pride 320 440,000 7,500,000
Bravery 340 492,000 9,000,000
Runaway 360 504,000 10,500,000
Dullness 380 559,000 22,500,000
Exciting 400 616,000 27,000,000
Corrupted 420 675,000 31,500,000
Romance 440 736,000 67,500,000
Silence 460 799,000 81,000,000
Oblivion 480 864,000 94,500,000
Regret 500 931,000 202,500,000
Willingness 520 1,000,000 243,000,000
Grit 540 1,260,000 283,500,000
Hope 560 1,452,000 607,500,000
Calmness 580 1,669,800 729,000,000
Dream 600 1,916,640 850,500,000
Faith 620 2,196,150 1,822,500,000
Temptation 640 2,512,395 2,187,000,000
660 2,869,928 2,551,500,000

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