Summoners War Chronicles Wiki – Beginner Guide for New Player

Hi guys, Welcome to our Summoners War Chronicles Wiki Guide 2023, In this Guide, we will show you some Summoners War Chronicles Wiki for Beginner Guide that will all new players to proceed in the game.

So come and take a look at this Summoners War Chronicles Wiki Guide Wiki.

Summoners War Chronicles Wiki Guide 2023

Menu and UI Guide

You can check various tabs required for game progress.

Game Screen

The default screen that’s shown when you access the game.

Minimap – Indicates your Summoner’s current location. You can tap the minimap to move to the map menu.

Damage meter – You can check the damage dealt by your Summoner and Monsters to enemy creatures.

Party – Create a new party or invite members.

Quest – Check the info on the current quest.

Target – Opens the list of targets near your Summoner. Tap the target on the list to interact.

Summoner Pass – You can check the rewards, daily challenges, and weekly challenges. You can obtain Summoner Pass points by completing daily/weekly challenges. Summoner Pass points can be used to gather 5★ Monster Pieces to obtain 5★ Monsters.

Event – You can check the current live events.

Hot Time Event – You can check the details of the current live Hot Time events.
Guard Journal – You can check various missions, including Adventure Record/Area Dungeon/Monster Story, and you can obtain rewards by completing them.

Notice – You can check game-related notices. You can turn notices on or off in Settings.

Package Shop – Moves to the Package Shop. You can purchase packages, convenience items, currency, outfits, and more.

Bag – You can check the items you currently own.

Inbox – You can check any mail (rewards) you received.

Summoners War Chronicles Wiki Controls

In Summoners War Chronicles Wiki, you can either control your Summoner to fight in battle or proceed automatically using the auto battle button.

Manual Battle

Use the virtual pad and the skill buttons to control the Summoner in battle.

Use the virtual pad to move your Summoner close to a creature, and tap the basic attack or skill icon to attack.

You can use the Summoner’s active skills and the soul linked Monster’s skills in battle. The other Monsters in your team use skills automatically when the battle begins.

Virtual Pad – Use the virtual pad to move your Summoner.

  • Soul Link – Use the soul linked Monster’s skills.
  • Evasion Skill – Use the evasion skill to evade the creature’s AoE skill attacks.
  • Summoner Skills – Use the active skills currently equipped by your Summoner.
  • Basic Attack – Use basic attacks on creatures.

PC Controls

These are the default settings when you install the PC version.

Summoners War Chronicles Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Wiki – Equipping Equipment

You can equip equipment items owned in your bag.

If you want to make your Summoner even stronger, head to the Area Dungeons, where you can obtain equipment crafting materials and equipment.

Keep playing to obtain them from various content, such as quests and raids. Remember, weapons and sub-weapons grant a special effect, and accessories grant a set effect!

Auto Equip

Automatically equip the recommended equipment determined by comparing the currently equipped equipment and equipment stored in your bag.

Tap the Auto Equip button at the bottom of the Equipment tab of your bag to automatically equip a recommended equipment item that you currently own.

Using Items

Various items that you own can be viewed, equipped, or used from your bag. Items such as recovery potions and soups can be registered to the quick slot to use automatically.

How to Use Items

You can directly use various chests and potion items stored in the General tab of your bag.

  • Tap the bag icon at the top-right of the main screen to open the bag.
  • You can check the list of items owned via Bag – [General] tab.
  • Tap an item to view its description and usage effects, and you can tap the Use button to use the selected item and acquire its effects.

How to Register to Quick Slot and Use

The quick slot is located at the bottom-left of the main screen, and you can register recovery potions and soups to use during battle.

Tap the quick slot (+) at the bottom of the screen to see the list of items that can be equipped to the quick slot. You can select items to register to the slot.

  • Tap the equipped item to activate or deactivate it.
  • If you activate an item registered to the quick slot, it will be used automatically during battle.
  • Tap and hold the item registered to the quick slot to change to a different item.
  • Tap [Go to Shop] to move to the General Shop NPC in the nearest village.

That’s it for this Summoners War Chronicles Wiki Guide 2023 Wiki for New Players.

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