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Top 14 Clash Royale Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020 ( 1v1 Deck )

Clash Royale Best Duels Deck for Clan War 2

Hi guys, I will show you Best Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020, Duels require players to battle other players in a Best of 3 format (2 wins are needed to win the Duel) and use 3 unique War Decks. You can play a Duel with a minimum of 3 War Decks, but it is optimal to take 4 War Decks into a Duel, so that you have more strategic choices.

Top 3 Clash Royale Clan War 2 Duel Decks ( 1v1 Deck )

Battle Healer Elixir Golem Clan War 2 Duel Decks

In the early game, I recommend trying to activate your king tower with the help of Tornado as early as possible, this is particularly important against hog rider, bait and graveyard decks and You need to wait for the opponent to make the first play, always defend throughout single elixir and figure out what deck your opponent is playing.

you can play Elixir Golem at the back of your king tower and combined Elixir Golem with Battle Healer and Skeleton Dragon or Electro Dragon Continue Reading »

Double Prince Electro Giant Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020

The double prince combo is difficult to stop because one provides the splash and the other provides a heavy-hitting DPS unit. Your main air defense units are the electro wizard and the mega minion, never use these cards together unless you know your opponent can’t rush the opposite lane with balloon or hound, etc.

Always go for  Counter push if you get the opportunity but don’t over commit. Use the miner to help get some early chip damage and also support your counter push troops Continue Reading »

Miner Wallbreaker Best Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020Best Global Tournament Deck 2020

You Main push miner to back of tower and wall breakers at bridge and Wall Breakers are great opening play if you have them in the cycle, Miner also important to use to help get chip damage throughout the match. Against bait decks you might need to use this guy to snipe the princess, In double elixir you can start to use your spells to support your miner

Hog Electro Spirit Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020

Top 10 Best Electro Spirit Deck | Electro Spirit Challenge Deck

It’s an extremely fast 2.6 Hog Electro Spirit Deck deck, you have great defensive capabilities with this deck from kiting troops with your ice golem, applying pressure opposite lane or using your canon to pull cards away from your towers while dealing damage.

If your up against Lava Loon then cycling musketeers will be key to the victory while also pressuring the opposite lane. A good first play is cycling Electro spirit at the bridge it’s unlikely to get countered and will get small chip damage on their tower Continue Reading »

Miner Goblin Cage Lava Hound Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020

Best Global Tournament Deck 2020

This deck allows you to play your lava hound immediately if you have at least a baby dragon or Fireball to support against minion hordes etc. The best tip is to drop the lava hound at the back of the king tower and let the lava hound slowly walk to the bridge. This allows you to build up 6-7 elixir which will allow you to either defend an opposite lane opponent push or you can further support your lava hound and break thru the opponent counter push Continue Reading »

Royal Hog Electro Spirit Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020

This Clash Royale Magic Archer Royal Hogs Electro Spirit Deck 2020 has 53.1% Win Rate, In this The hunter and mini pekka are two great defensive unit that are capable of handling hog riders, ram riders, giants, golems and Electro Spirit is a great cycle card but more importantly, it’s a great support card for the hogs, magic archer or hunter.

Earthquake is a good support card you can use against your opponent if they have a building like bomb tower to kite your royal hogs. You should mainly use the earthquake in double elixir and when you know you can get good spell value Continue Reading »

Miner Witch Electro Giant Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020


In the single elixir game, you should try to figure out what deck your opponent is playing or you can play miner onto their tower or cycling the Bats at the bridge. Don’t over commit with an Electro Giant straight away unless your opponent pumps or plays a tank in the opposite lane. Don’t be afraid of playing the Electro Giant though while the game is still in single elixir, this will force your opponent to play defensive rather than offense Continue Reading »

Graveyard Baby Dragon Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020

In the early game, your first and only priority is to figure out what deck your opponent is running, and what their counters to your Graveyard are..

Don’t go all out immediately, instead start off small with a Graveyard and Baby Dragon at the bridge

Mini Pekka Magic Archer Clan War 2 Duel Decks 2020

This Royal Hogs Mini Pekka Magic Archer Royal Delivery Deck has 57.1% Win Rate, This deck is mainly a Cycle deck but it also has blitz components like the Royal Hogs and chip components like the Ice Spirit and Skeletons with Mini Pekka

In Early gameplay fairly passively and make positive elixir trades on defense until you’re aware what units they have that can counter your royal hogs. You can split Continue Reading »

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